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Michigan is a “no-fault” divorce state, but the term “no-fault” is misleading.

Fault isn’t a factor if the parties reach a settlement on all issues. However, if there are disputes about spousal support, property division, child support, parenting time, or custody, a judge may consider a party’s behavior in deciding how to settle the disputes.

Almost all divorce cases are settled, which means that the parties reach an agreement that is placed on the court record. Once recorded, an agreement is extremely difficult to change. Never agree to something you don’t understand or feel forced into. Your consent must be voluntary.

Divorce takes time

It’s never a good idea to rush a divorce. By law, a divorce cannot be granted in less than 60 days. In most cases, couples with minor children must wait six months. There are complex issues to sort through, and it takes time to reach a sound, fair decision that both parties accept.

While your divorce is pending, both sides define issues and try to resolve them. Much time goes into determining how to resolve parental issues, which may involve working with a mental health professional or evaluator. It may also include finding the net worth of each person, which could involve requesting financial statements or depositions.

To achieve the best outcome, it’s important for you to be completely candid and honest with your attorney. Remember, all conversations with your attorney are confidential. We need complete information to best represent you.

Steps in the divorce process

Bad Behavior by Either Spouse Before and During the Divorce

Caring for Yourself During and After Divorce

Computers and Divorce

Court Administration

Domestic Violence

Gray Divorce

Same Sex Marriage

Selecting a Divorce Lawyer


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