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NSSSB Form and Supplemental Information

Family Law

Asset Disclosure

Contract for Legal Services

Interview Form

Interview Form Post-Judgment

Monthly Budget of Expenses

Information About Divorce

Controlling Your Legal Fees

Covering All Bases

Divorce Options

Divorce Pleadings and Terms

Equitable Distribution

Friend of the Court Payments

Michigan Child Custody Act

Property Division


For more information on family law and other legal topics, visit:


MiChildSupport Calculator

2013 Michigan Child Support Formula Manual

Michigan State (child support) Disbursement Unit web sit

A comprehensive resource for the interpretation and application of child support guidelines

Alimony Guidelines

Our Family Wizard, a service to help families communicate and facilitate scheduling

Up To Parents, home of parents’ commitments to children of divorce

U.S. Department of State, Children & Family

Pension Division by QDRO, LLC, a web page with some excellent articles on complex topics involving retirement plans

The Center for the Education of Women

The Women’s Center of Southeastern Michigan

Michigan parenting time (custody) guidelines

Model Friend of the Court handbook

To locate a divorce recovery workshop or support group.

Domestic Violence Assistance


Where to Get Help for Domestic Violence

Financial Help for Women in Abusive Relationships

Real Estate

Homestead property tax exemption

EPA, about radon

EPA, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics

EPA, about lead paint

FEMA map service center

American Land Title Association, consumer information

Appraisal Institute, Great Lakes Chapter

Community Associations Institute

Amortization Calculator

Real Estate News

Parenting Resources

Before You Put Your Child on a Plane

Books for Divorcing Families

Dos & Don’ts: Keeping Children Out of the Middle

Effects of Divorce on Children

Hints from a Child Care Provider

Parenting Hints


Taking Care of Yourself

Family Counseling: Ann Arbor

Family Counseling: Brighton

Glossary of Helping Professionals

How Vulnerable Are You to Stress?

Estate Planning Forms and Information

Introduction to Estate Planning

Revocable Trust Interview

Ten Things Estate Planning Can Do for You

The Probate Process

Writing Your Will

Our Family Mediation & Collaborative Practice Center is now operating in Ann Arbor. Click to learn more about the mediation and collaborative divorce services being offered.

FM&CPC Home Page


"[You reminded me] that the children are the most important thing to consider when working through the divorce and for the future. I felt you represent [...] " Anonymous

"Thanks again for all your hard work. I know I’ve said this before, but I want you to know I’m glad you are my attorney. " Husband, Ypsilanti

"Thank you for making this terrible time the best it could be. How you handle yourselves at such stressful times is remarkable. " Mother of 1, Ann Arbor

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