Respected Ann Arbor Law Firm Serving Families For 25+ Years

At Nichols, Sacks, Slank, Sendelbach, Buiteweg & Solomon, P.C., we serve families with a focus on a better future. Whether you are separating, divorcing, creating an estate plan, or working through a post-judgment family conflict, our Ann Arbor family law attorneys will help you resolve your issues effectively, with respect and dignity.

Finding Better Solutions for Families

Every family needs and deserves a customized approach to its unique situation. By helping pioneer alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation, Collaborative practice, and arbitration, our family law attorneys have earned a reputation for helping families reach creative, bespoke settlements. When clients face family matters that cannot be resolved out of court, our experienced litigation attorneys are skilled courtroom advocates.

We Know How to Handle Your Case

Our attorneys are well-respected in Michigan and beyond through our local work as well as a national and international presence. We help family court judges reach good decisions for our clients through decades of practice in courtrooms across southeastern Michigan . We are not afraid of taking on the hard cases such as cases involving potentially hidden assets, children who refuse to have a relationship with one parent, domestic violence and international child custody and child abduction. If you have a tough custody situation, or need help protecting your interests in property or spousal support, we can help. We work hard in and out of court to get our clients the best resolution for themselves, and their children.

Putting Your Priorities First

Your family is the most important thing in your life. And your future may not be easy to see or navigate. We understand when common assumptions are frightening or stressful. We do not default to typical answers. Instead, we work with you to identify your priorities and goals for your family and future and then create a plan to help you reach them. Whether that means drafting a will or trust, or crafting a custom divorce settlement agreement, we give you tools that help you feel more in control of your future.

You know your family. We know the law. Together we will identify your goals and the potential paths to achieving them so you can live the future you envision. Contact us today to talk to a respected and compassionate family law attorney.