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Do Non-Custodial Parents Have Rights to Their Children’s Medical and Educational Records?

The line between parental rights and legal custody can sometimes be hard to see. Often custodial parents, school administrators, and even doctors can misunderstand a non-custodial parent’s rights to their children’s medical records. Find out what… Read More
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Harnessing the Power of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Family Law: Back to the Basics

Here in Washtenaw County, our family law attorneys are no strangers to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and resolving matters outside of court proceedings. The spirit of encouraging clients to work out disputes within mediation, collaborative div… Read More
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Attorney Lori Buiteweg Featured on Lawyers Who Care with Andrew Samalin

NSSSB Attorney Lori Buiteweg was recently interviewed by Andrew Samalin, for the podcast “Lawyers Who Care.” This podcast highlights attorneys who go above and beyond legal counsel for the benefit of their clients. At NSSSB, we are committed to g… Read More
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Tips for Scheduling Parenting Time in Blended Families

When your kids’ parenting time is controlled by two or more separate court orders, it can be hard to get everyone on the same page. Here are some tips for scheduling parenting time in blended families. Scheduling Parenting Time with Step-Siblings a… Read More
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How to Establish Paternity in Michigan

Establishing paternity is often considered a “father’s rights” issue, but making sure your child has two legal parents can be important for moms and dads alike. Here is how to establish paternity in Michigan, and an explanation of why you want… Read More
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Co-Parenting and Joint Custody Tips

The end of your divorce or custody case is only the start of your co-parenting relationship with your former spouse or partner. Co-parenting can be difficult, especially if you had a high-conflict legal case. But these co-parenting and joint custody… Read More
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What is Considered an Amicable Divorce?

Many people avoid taking the step from separated to divorced because they are worried that the process will sour their relationship with their spouse. In the media, every divorce breaks down into a long, painful battle of wills. When in reality, many… Read More
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Steps to Take After a Divorce is Final

The divorce process can sometimes feel long and emotionally difficult, making it tempting to move on and forget about it after the final divorce decree is entered. But before you finish this chapter of your life, there are some steps you will later t… Read More
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The Evolving Law of Same-…

The Evolving Law of Same-Sex Marriages

Gay and Lesbian families face special challenges because of Michigan’s law on same-sex marriages. There are thousands of gay and lesbian families in Ann Arbor and across Michigan. Now that gay marriage is legal nationwide, many of those families ha… Read More
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Whom Do I Need to Inform…

Whom Do I Need to Inform After Divorce?

After your Judgment of Divorce is signed, you may want to put the process behind you and move forward with the next chapter of your life. However, before you do, there are certain people, organizations, and government agencies you will need to inform… Read More
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