cropped shot of a therapist talking to a male patient as he sits on the couch - therapy during divorce concept

Why Therapy During and After Your Divorce Can Be Beneficial

Divorce is one of the most stressful life events you will ever experience along with death of a loved one, moving, and changing jobs. Receiving therapy during your divorce can be beneficial, cost effective, and help you process your emotions so you c… Read More
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Wedding rings on a stack of money - modify spousal support concept

Can I Modify My Spousal Support Payments?

Michigan spousal support payments are supposed to be fair and equitable, allowing both spouses to transition to living independently. But changes in circumstances after your Judgment of Divorce is entered can leave you paying too much, or receiving t… Read More
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Geometric illustration of multi coloured human figures - diversity in law firm concept

Why Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Should be Important to Clients Choosing a Law Firm

Many people, when they are considering a divorce, have opinions about the race, gender, and ethnicity of the attorney standing beside them in court. Unfortunately, often those opinions are based on stereotypes and assumptions. Instead, consider how h… Read More
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Wedding rings and money on a white background - cost of divorce concept

How NSSS&B Can Help Control the Cost of Your Divorce

No one wants to spend excessive amounts of money on their divorce. Even when conflict is high, the goal should be to come to a fair outcome as quickly and efficiently as possible. At NSSS&B, we understand that you have other uses for your money,… Read More
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close up of someone holding cards with a large amount of chips in front of them - divorcing a gambling addict concept

Divorcing a Gambling Addict: What You Should Know

Recent changes in Michigan’s gambling laws have made it even easier for those with gambling addictions to lose money on bad bets through online gambling and mobile gambling apps. The financial crisis created when a gambling addiction spins out of c… Read More
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Little boy covering ears while parents fight in background - domestic violence and child custody concept

Domestic Violence and Child Custody Cases

Leaving an abusive relationship is hard. Managing ongoing contacts with an abusive former partner with whom you share a child can be even harder. Understanding the interplay between domestic violence and child custody cases can help, giving you and y… Read More
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Liquid nitrogen cryogenic tank in a laboratory - Frozen embryos divorce concept

What Happens to Frozen Embryos in a Divorce?

Science is making it easier for same-sex couples and families struggling with infertility to have children. But Michigan’s family law statutes aren’t keeping up with the times. That can create problems for couples when the stress of failed concep… Read More
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NSSS&B is on the 2022 Pro Bono Honor Roll

NSSS&B is proud to be listed on the 2022 A Lawyer Helps Pro Bono Honor Roll. The 2022 Honor Roll recognizes individual attorneys, law firms, and corporations that support access-to-justice efforts by providing pro bono legal services to low-incom… Read More
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3D rendering of money and a smart phone - Venmo and Divorce Concept

The New Role Venmo and Other Cash-Sharing Apps are Playing in Divorce

Do you know how much money your spouse has sitting in their Venmo or other cash-sharing apps? For many, Cash App and PayPal offer a convenient way to make small, everyday payments. But divorce attorneys are starting to see Venmo in a different light.… Read More
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Close up of desk and documents as lawyer and client discuss - Pro bono attorney concept

Do You Qualify for a Pro Bono Attorney?

At NSSSB, we understand that not everyone can afford to hire a family law attorney to stand beside them every step of the way from preparing to file a complaint to completing a divorce trial. While we make giving our clients full service a priority,… Read More
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