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At Nichols, Sacks, Slank, Sendelbach, Buiteweg & Solomon, P.C., we have taken care to build a team that serves families zealously, competently and compassionately. Our Michigan family law and estate planning lawyers are not only highly qualified, but leaders in their practice areas, the legal profession, and community. We are experienced in a broad range of planning and dispute resolution processes, from Collaborative Law to challenging litigation. We customize our approach to your unique needs and goals, so that we can help you achieve a favorable outcome.

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Kaila DeMarco

Kaila DeMarco graduated in 2019 with an associate degree in paralegal studies from Washtenaw Community College. Her role as both a receptionist and paralegal allows her to offer ongoing assistance throughout their legal journey. From the first intera… Read More
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Eileen J. Slank

“My goal is to help you through the divorce process so that at the end you and your family are as whole as possible. A cookie-cutter approach should never be applied to a divorcing family. We will look at the unique dynamics of your situation and a… Read More
Eileen's Practice Areas: Family Law
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Karen S. Sendelbach

“I believe that clients who understand the law are better able to make decisions regarding their situation. We work together to resolve difficult family issues as early as possible.” Karen S. Sendelbach has been with NSSS&B for over two decad… Read More
Karen's Practice Areas: Family Law
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Lori A. Buiteweg

“Family law has proven to be the perfect practice area for me, as I treasure and value my own family more than anything. Helping people create two happier households out of one typically unhappy home is very satisfying for me.” – Lori A. Bu… Read More
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Elizabeth A. Solomon

Elizabeth Solomon has practiced exclusively in the area of family law for her entire career, and she understands that there is no “one size fits all” solution in family law matters. Liz focuses on the unique characteristics of each family… Read More
Elizabeth's Practice Areas: Family Law
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Erin C. Flynn

“Listening to clients tell their story builds trust because they know you’ve heard them and are on their side. I help clients see how the decisions they make now will affect their lives going forward. Together, we create a plan that works six… Read More
Erin's Practice Areas: Family Law
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Rebecca Frieseman

Rebecca Frieseman earned her bachelor’s degree in the Legal Assistant Program at Madonna University and worked in various areas of law before deciding to focus on family law. Rebecca’s strengths are her ability to listen and to respond to clients… Read More
Rebecca's Practice Areas: Family Law
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Penny Burkes

Penny Burkes serves as the firm’s Office Administrator and as a paralegal. With over twenty years of law office experience, she has an easy, reassuring way about her. She is great at explaining family law matters to clients while keeping the office… Read More
Penny's Practice Areas: Family Law
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Melissa Phillips

Melissa Phillips serves the essential roles of intake, scheduling and filing clerk. She empathetically listens to you explain your situation, describes the firm’s procedures for onboarding you as a client, and schedules initial and future appointme… Read More
Melissa's Practice Areas: Family Law
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