» Lori Buiteweg

Had a wonderful experience with Lori and associates! Divorce is one of the hardest things to go through, but Lori was there as a friend as well as an amazing and brilliant attorney! I highly recommend

Jackie Chan is credited for saying, "Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person's life." The kindness of Lori Buiteweg has repeatedly helped me through the toughest times of my life. Her knowledge and wisdom have given me the opportunity to be a better father. She is indefatigable. NSSS&B is simply spectacular.

As a mother of three young toddlers and a business owner, I cannot say enough about Lori’s expertise, honest and blunt guidance, as well as prompt responding! Her staff has performed above my expectations for kindness and promptness. My case was not easy. There were substantial marital assets. Lori was able to tease through it all while making sure that I was abundantly clear on best and worst case scenarios. At every step she sees what I need and what I am entitled to from a legal standpoint.

I cannot say enough about her as a lawyer, a professional woman, a working mom or her entire firm. Everyone at NSSSB has a personal touch that is refreshing when what we are faced with is raw, hard and emotional! The billing process is beyond clear and you never wonder what you’ve paid for.

– Mother of 3

I felt Lori's real concern and caring for my kids, and depended on her support of me. Everything Lori did for us was excellent.

– Mother, Ann Arbor

Lori was so professional. She relieved a lot of my stress in managing the divorce process, which I was trying to do on my own. Her fee was fair and appropriate to my case. I'm exceedingly happy with the entire experience.

– Wife, Ann Arbor

From the minute I stepped into your lobby, everyone was courteous and professional. I was confident that Lori was dedicated to my case, and I knew I could call her anytime. It was so nice to have her in my corner.

– Mother of 3, Ann Arbor

How can I ever thank you enough for getting my daughter back to me? Such a priceless gift. You’ll never know how much your attentiveness, skill and knowledge of the law gave me security with the outcome. Thank your staff as well. They were always prompt, helpful and professional.

– Mother of 2, Connecticut

Lori showed compassion for my situation and acted quickly when she needed to, always looking out for my best interests.

– Husband, South Lyon

You worked for and achieved a win-win solution.

– Father of 1, Connecticut

As a therapist, let me add my thanks for the fabulous job you did for my client. You showed such understanding and concern for all the emotional, economic and legal factors. Her future is on a much more solid path now.

– Therapist of a domestic violence survivor

Lori was very upfront and open, and the consistent honesty, courtesy and professionalism of each member of the firm impressed us. Considering our unusual circumstances, there were no surprises. You helped us understand the legalities of our situation very well.

– Mother of 1, Ypsilanti

From the first meeting through the last detail, I received personal service. You knew who I was and cared.

– Father of 1, Saline

Lori is fantastic. I felt she spent about the right amount of time on my case, and provided me with sound legal representation.

– Single man, Milan

Lori did a great job in mediating my case. I felt the charges were reasonable and fully explained to me.

– Single woman, West Bloomfield

Lori was very professional and helpful, never intimidating. I always felt I was in good hands.

– Mother of 1, Ann Arbor

All my experiences with this law firm were superb. Everyone acted like a genuine, caring person, way beyond the typical attorney/client relationship. Lori's counsel prevented me from making a decision on the timing of my family that could have jeopardized my case.

– Single woman, Ann Arbor

Lori and the staff were great, and I felt I received sound legal representation. I think so highly of the firm and Lori that I've referred several other people to them.

– Father of 3, Ann Arbor

To be an over-60 mother of two coping with divorce after almost 40 years of marriage has been incredibly challenging. Lori's exceptional legal and people skills were so important in resolving impasses and turning a seemingly endless conflict into a fair, even-handed solution. Thank you for transforming this challenging time into a meaningful learning and growing experience.

– Single woman, Ann Arbor

Lori did an excellent job of listening to what I wanted to accomplish and helped me achieve it in an efficient way. She explained everything to my satisfaction.

– single man, Ann Arbor

I always felt respected and heard, and the information I received was empowering. The firm’s use of technology created transparency for all collaborative team members. It literally kept us all on the same page and moving forward.

– Collaborative practice client, single woman, Ann Arbor

Lori and Becky, her paralegal, are a dynamic, hardworking and compassionate team. I definitely would refer others to them.

– mother, Ann Arbor

I appreciated working with an office of strong, confident women who treated me with equal respect. I felt confident knowing Lori was representing me in Court.

– Single woman, Saline