» Karen Sendelbach

I engaged Karen Sendlebach after a strong recommendation from a friend who used her services. Going through a divorce is the worst thing you can go through as an adult, other than losing a loved one. One of Karen’s greatest strengths is that she is part lawyer and part therapist. She guided me through the landmines and helped me see the battles worth fighting and which ones were worth giving in on. This saved time and money.

As the process progressed you could see her experience and familiarity with the local judges and mediators and how they will perceive different parts of the case. Most importantly, she kept me on task and reminded me to stay focused on the goals. Without a doubt, I would recommend her services to anyone going through this painful process because her work ethic, intelligence and pragmatic approach is what you need during a challenging time. These traits will help save you money in the long run and help get you through the process and start the healing.

– Past Client

"That was a lot of time and effort to dedicate to helping this family.

Thank you soo soo much for working with us and resolving this case!!"

"I second that wholeheartedly. You had what felt like an impossible task and did an amazing job pulling everyone together. I cannot tell you how appreciative we are of your time and wisdom. Have a great holiday."

– from attorneys who mediated their case to settlement a week before trial.

Thank you for all your help today.
You handled the other attorney extremely well.

– anonymous

I really appreciate you going above and beyond your job today.

You showed patience, kindness and warmth to a stranger. It really meant a lot to me. It felt like light during my darkest hour.

– Mediation Client

Well it’s official ... I completed my Masters through MSU💚

Thank you for not only being my amazing lawyer but also my wonderful friend. Thank you for believing in me when I’m not sure I really believed in myself 😘

When I received the email from the program chair this morning, a sense of empowerment ran through my body. It seemed as if overnight I became a single working mom fighting to gain a sense of self. It’s because of women like you who empowered me to persevere and keep moving forward through the challenges. Thank you my friend!

– Single Working Mom

Karen, you did an amazing job today. Thank you so much for your hard work and your awesome settlement agreement. Top to bottom, from the comfortable environment and the almonds at the end of the day to the great chocolate when we closed, you kept it going and got the job done. One of the best mediation experiences I’ve had .... thank you!!!

– mediation clients

Thank you for your help this past year. As I have said to you, the single most important thing I accomplished all year, and I bought and sold a company, was getting more time with my children. Thank you for the help and support to make that happen. It has made such a difference in my life, improved my relationship with my kids, and made me a better father. Kudos to you!

– Father of 2

Karen, you are literally my favorite lawyer in this whole world and have convinced me that lawyers can care and often do care about those in need. thank you for everything you've done for me.

– young adult client

Karen, first of all…whoa. I seriously can’t begin to EVER thank you enough. I am at least forever grateful to you. In all seriousness, if it wasn’t for all of the work you and your staff put in, I don’t know where I would be right now, but it certainly wouldn’t be where I am today. As I prepare to start my college classes tomorrow, I can only be reminded as how you have treated me more like family than any of my blood relatives and that is something I will NEVER forget. You’re my hero and my second mom and I feel comfortable knowing that I always have you in my corner. Thanks again and a million more times!”

– mother of 1 - Ann Arbor

Karen, thank you again for being so amazing. You are the best! If any of my friends ever need a divorce attorney in the future you will be highly recommended.

– mother of 2 - Saline

I really appreciate all your efforts throughout the mediation. I truly felt that you had [my child’s] best interests in mind, which was incredibly reassuring. I still dont know how you kept going yesterday without eating all day! I know that I was fuzzy by late afternoon!

Although I’m not 100% happy with the outcome, I understand that it is not possible to get everything in a negotiation. I actually did get more than I expected financially. The other stuff is really unimportant as I know that....is unlikely to fulfill his part. And if he does, all the better for [my child]! I know that [my former partner] is a tough person to deal with and everyone involved spent a lot more time on this than necessary. I sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience. I always felt that you appreciated my thoughts and were personally invested in getting a fair agreement that we all could live with.

– Ann Arbor Mother and Business Owner

“It’s been almost a year now. I want to thank you for helping guide me through a very difficult time in my personal life. The words you wrote in your final letter have proven to be a touchstone. You reminded me that even though my ex-wife was being very disrespectful to me and my boys, we were still good people. I’m still working on my own life but am retired. I would not have been able to do things as well as I did were it not for your calm, objective advice. Thank you for making a huge difference. Live well.”

– Father of 2

Bravo to you Karen. I am not at all exaggerating when I say to you that you are one of the top 2 mediators, among the many with whom I have dealt in my 42 years of family law work. Thanks for your thoroughness, well preparedness and attention to detail, and, — care.

– Attorney - Grosse Pointe

Thank you for the most efficient, smart, pleasant and well run mediation I have ever attended. Way more than two thumbs up!

– Attorney – Ann Arbor

Karen, I am so happy that you are on my team. I love how you phrase things to get the desired result. When my partner kept raising old issues, you intervened to advocate for the best interests of our son.

– Mother, Ann Arbor

Thanks to you for all you've done and are doing. My kids are adjusting very well to the divorce, and it's great for me to be part of their lives again. Picking them up directly from school, which you arranged, is a joy.

– Father of 3, Ann Arbor

Karen is a whip-smart attorney who kept my head on straight during my own painful divorce. Her unquestionable expertise and gentle sense of humor kept the process as classy as possible. She manages to negotiate a difficult situation with much grace and compassion.

– Divorced woman, Ann Arbor

I can't tell you how grateful I am for your understanding and efforts during my custody case. It's the first time in a long time that I will sleep peacefully, and my daughter is very happy, too.

– Father who obtained sole custody of his daughter, Ann Arbor

Karen, you are great to work with—a class act.

– Family law attorney representing the opposing spouse in a divorce settlement.

I recognize all the hard work you are doing and how effective you are in court.

– Father, Washtenaw County

My thanks for your wonderful representation and personal kindness. I am better off for having had both.

– Wife, Washtenaw County

Thank you for fighting hard for me today and explaining how the court will decide the amount of alimony & child support.

– Father of 2 Ann Arbor

I loved Karen’s style of engagement and advice, and she worked hard to keep my charges reasonable.

– Husband, California

I wanted you to know how much respect—profound respect, in fact —I have for you as an attorney. You are ethical, hard working, personable, and wise. I have seen you in the role of advocate, mediator, and arbitrator. You have an uncompromising commitment to the law, to equity, and to people in general. You balance your love of your family, your devotion to service to the bar and the community, responsibility to your firm, and a continuing private practice

– Attorney, Ann Arbor

Thanks to your skill and caring, my daughter finally has a shot at a stable life. Our settlement allows her to maintain a relationship with her mother while having a secure place to call home. Outcomes like this may be commonplace for you, but it will make a lifetime of difference for my daughter.

– Father, divorce/custody

Thanks again, Karen, for your support, calming influence, professionalism, humor, and all-around good care. I’m sleeping better and enjoying the newness of spring; life is good.

– Wife, Ann Arbor

I’m sure you hear words of thanks often, but please know how appreciative I am of your knowledge, prowess, skills and insight. I’m in awe of your capabilities and feel blessed to have you on my side.

– Mother of 2, Ann Arbor

I will never forget how you flawlessly seemed to pre-empt opposing counsel’s efforts to divert attention from the critical issues. People remark over and over how lucky I was to have you as my attorney.

– Father of 1, Ann Arbor

I came to you for expertise and guidance, and in addition, you made me feel cared about and supported, which made all the difference in getting through the legalities of the divorce process.

– Mother of 1, Ann Arbor

You’re my all-time hero…you don’t know what it means to have someone of your integrity stand up for me after all I’ve been through. Thank you more than I can express.

– Physician and mother of 3, Maine

I can't tell you how much my life has improved due to our interaction. Thank you so much for your intensely professional service.

– Single man, Ann Arbor

I appreciated Karen's professionalism, knowledge, and friendly approach.

– Mother of 1, Ann Arbor

That was some pretty breathtaking lawyering. I can't think of too many others who could have negotiated a win/win situation under these circumstances, especially in that short amount of time.

– Mother of 3, Ann Arbor

Karen was as much a part of the solution as any counsel I have ever seen in any case. To get as much agreement as we got is a real testament to your ability to remain patient and forward-moving.

– Attorney/Mediator, Ann Arbor

Thank you very much for making a new (and good) chapter of my life possible. I appreciate that you did a lot of extra things for me, and understand now why you came with such superb recommendations.

– Single woman, Ann Arbor

I felt a lot better walking out of your office after our mediation session than I did walking in. I appreciate all you did to ensure we came to an agreement today.

– Single woman, Ann Arbor

I'm hoping we are the poster children for the benefits and positive power of successful mediation. Both my husband I feel we had an excellent team guiding us, and the process had immeasurable benefits to the well-being of our children. Our unified 'co-parenting' arrangement contradicts every stereotype they have of divorce, and doesn't give them one 'bad guy' to blame.

– Mother of 3, Ann Arbor

I was very pleased with all of the staff and I felt I was treated with compassion and respect. They handled the tactics of my wife's attorney well and represented me with professionalism.

– Husband, Lansing

Karen has a knack for helping people relax under pressure. She listens intently and explains the law in simple terms. Her firm has a positive and uplifting environment despite the serious nature of the work they do.

– Wife, Ann Arbor

Thank you for all your help with my divorce. I really feel you may have been the most objective, level-headed and fair person among everyone involved.

– Physician, Ann Arbor

From the moment I entered, everyone was personable, caring, and professional. For many businesses, that’s hard to do consistently—and you did. I was amazed how fast Karen communicated with me. My husband would have dragged out the divorce forever, but she didn’t let that happen.

– Mother of 1, Gregory

The work you do can really make or break the lives of people who are going through a divorce. I honestly think that if I had worked with someone else, it could have been a disaster.

– Business owner and father of 2, Ann Arbor

I immediately felt comfortable with Karen. The high level of communication was greatly appreciated given the tight timelines required.

– mother, Ann Arbor

It was a real pleasure to work with you, even if the purpose was our separation agreement. We will move ahead and be in touch if anything unexpected arises.

– mediation clients, Ann Arbor

Many thanks for your thoughtful, thorough approach during mediation. You turned something my husband and I had been dreading for months into a positive move forward for us both.

– mediation client, Ann Arbor

Karen, you are my hero. I’ll never forget everything you’ve done to help me start my brand new life.

– single woman, Ann Arbor

We so appreciated your willingness to listen and help us implement the unique desires of our family. We’re moving forward in a kind and respectful way, although we are all facing a blank page we never anticipated. With your leadership, we are able to face the future with dignity and a sense of contentment.

– mediation clients, Ann Arbor

Thanks to you, I’m living a very joyful life. Your expert counsel and skills as an attorney have allowed me to carry on in a way that has been truly wonderful. My son is back in my life and we are even playing hockey together.

– Physician and father, Livonia

You have been such an incredible influence on me as a strong, independent woman. I learned so much from you and your confidence in me. I appreciate and respect you for all you did to help me find myself and decide where I’m going with my life.

– Graduate student, Ann Arbor

Karen, you gave me so much knowledge and truly had an impact on my life and my children’s lives.

– father, Ann Arbor

Karen and her team are excellent, and the entire firm is full of people who care.

– Father, Ann Arbor

I can hardly believe that, thanks to you Karen, my divorce was resolved in just two months. I'm feeling an overwhelming sense of relief--and am really in awe of how you work.

– Father, Ann Arbor

Karen, words cannot express how appreciative I am to you for settling the case. You are a family law pro bono superstar.

– Attorney, Legal Services of South Central Michigan

I love working with attorneys like Karen. She is a fair, patient mediator who helped out client reach a settlement despite some unique circumstances.

– Attorney, Plymouth

I feel genuinely honored to have had Karen's passion and intellect on hand to resolve an incredibly complex matter. I appreciate how ingenious her resolution was and the magnitude of the protections it provides for our client and her children.

– Attorney for Mediation, Wayne County

Karen kept my interests at the forefront and didn't push me toward decisions I wasn't ready to make. She respected my choices, even when they didn't agree with her advice.

– Mother, Ann Arbor

Karen helped me get through the hurt, chaos and confusion that comes with being blindsided by a divorce. She was 'real' and sympathetic at the same time.

– Mother, Saline