» Eileen Slank

I could tell by my attorney's attitude and knowledge of the law that I was going to be OK. The settlement had everything I was fighting for—joint custody of our children and fair alimony payments.

– Father, Livingston County

Eileen, I appreciate your professional services, encouragement and support. All the best as we go forward.

– Husband, Saline

Eileen was excellent to work with and handled a difficult, emotional and time-consuming situation very professionally.

– Husband, Tennessee

Thanks for all your support on my case. The process went very smoothly and the outcome was good. You honestly cared about me and my kids.

– Mother of 2, Ann Arbor

You and Penny made the process easy and comfortable. I felt your sincere efforts in working on my behalf. I will definitely recommend you to others.

– Mother of 1, Dexter

I always felt that I could call or e-mail Eileen at any time, and she always kept me informed. I also really appreciated her sitting beside me when we went to court.

– Wife, Ann Arbor

I would recommend Eileen and your firm to anyone.

– Mother, South Lyon

Unlike the opposing attorney, you acted fairly toward everyone (which is a good thing), while I know you worked hardest to help me.

– Father of 2, Ann Arbor

My case was complicated, and I felt as if I was in an emotional fog. Eileen helped me sort things out.

– Wife, Ann Arbor

I can’t thank you enough for your tenacity, diligence, support and guidance. The conditions under which you worked would have tested the most patient person…I’m certain that my case has earned you sainthood status!

– Mother of 2, Livingston County

Eileen was so professional and knowledgeable. She took control of the case and was considerate and fair to the other side, which was the way I wanted it from the beginning. I had two law firms handling my case, and yours was light years ahead in terms of professionalism, availability and overall ability.

– Father of 2, Ann Arbor

Eileen is always professional and an expert at what she does. I appreciated getting all the documents in a timely way, and I always knew what was going on. Your firm is THE BEST family law practice in the area.

– Single woman, Saline

I was impressed by the firm's experiences lawyers and Eileen's timely responses and knowledgeable advice.

– Mother, Dexter, MI

Eileen helped me survive a terrible ordeal. At the beginning of my case, I had no idea what was ahead of me. For all the stress we went through, your fees were more than reasonable.

– Wife, Ann Arbor, MI

Eileen made me comfortable with her, both professionally and personally.

– Husband, Ann Arbor

Eileen’s compassion and support carried me through this difficult time. How her practice operates is a reflection of each and every employee’s help, no matter what their position—a belief that was confirmed throughout my experience.

– Father of 2, Milan

The process was overwhelming to me, but I felt if I needed more attention, I could always turn to Eileen for help.

– mother, Ann Arbor

I absolutely love Eileen. She is very kind, patient, and explained everything to me. I never felt rushed or that I was bothering her. Everyone seemed genuinely eager and happy to assist, not stuffy at all. I am a very pleased client!

– single woman, Jackson