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Parenting Coordinator (Parenting Facilitator)

When parents experience continued difficulty in communicating about their children and making effective decisions, a parenting coordinator can be appointed by the court to help them.

Our attorneys have considerable experience in listening to disputes and mediating and negotiating effective settlement agreements between parents. This reduces the conflict for the children and their parents. It facilitates quicker decision-making for the children. Using a parenting coordinator can be quicker, less expensive and private. Over time, parents may learn more effective techniques for communicating with each other about children’s issues.

A court order specifies the powers of the parenting coordinator. This keeps parents out of court and avoids having the struggle between the parents continue in court, making the judge a “super parent.” Generally, the parents use the services of the parenting coordinator on an as-needed basis and share the cost. They have direct access to the parenting coordinator and can call to get a timely response to a problem rather than having to file a petition and wait for a hearing date.

Our Family Mediation & Collaborative Practice Center is now operating in Ann Arbor. Click to learn more about the mediation and collaborative divorce services being offered.

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"[You reminded me] that the children are the most important thing to consider when working through the divorce and for the future. I felt you represent [...] " Anonymous

"Thanks again for all your hard work. I know I’ve said this before, but I want you to know I’m glad you are my attorney. " Husband, Ypsilanti

"Thank you for making this terrible time the best it could be. How you handle yourselves at such stressful times is remarkable. " Mother of 1, Ann Arbor

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