Past Client

I engaged Karen Sendlebach after a strong recommendation from a friend who used her services. Going through a divorce is the worst thing you can go through as an adult, other than losing a loved one. One of Karen’s greatest strengths is that she is part lawyer and part therapist. She guided me through the landmines and helped me see the battles worth fighting and which ones were worth giving in on. This saved time and money.

As the process progressed you could see her experience and familiarity with the local judges and mediators and how they will perceive different parts of the case. Most importantly, she kept me on task and reminded me to stay focused on the goals. Without a doubt, I would recommend her services to anyone going through this painful process because her work ethic, intelligence and pragmatic approach is what you need during a challenging time. These traits will help save you money in the long run and help get you through the process and start the healing.