Limited Scope Representation

Limited Scope Representation Puts You in Control of Your Family Law Case

Not every family needs, wants, or can afford to have an attorney managing their divorce or child custody matter every step of the way. If you are looking for a more cost-effective form of legal representation, or want to self-manage the process, limited scope representation (LSR) may be the answer.

Unbundled Legal Services Give You Just the Help You Need

Traditional legal representation includes many different services in one contract. Litigation can be unpredictable, and could result in a legal bill you can’t afford. By unbundling those services, entering into a limited scope agreement for only the portions you need, you can avoid paying more than you expect.

Document Preparation

You and your spouse or co-parent may have already worked out the terms of your divorce or child custody settlement. Still, you may want the settlement agreement drafted by a professional who knows the right language to capture the terms of your agreement and correctly complete the formal court documents. We can help you draft the necessary documents to resolve your case.

Legal Advice & Review of Documents

Maybe you are the one receiving the paperwork, such as a prenuptial agreement or proposed judgment of divorce. We can review any documents you have received, and give you legal advice to serve your family’s interests and protect your rights. We can also explain the divorce process to you and discuss any legal issues that may arise, giving you advice without formally appearing in court on your behalf.

Single-Issue Representation

Divorce and child-related cases usually involve multiple issues, but that doesn’t mean you need an attorney’s help on all of them. For example, local prosecutors may help single parents recover child support from the other parent, but an attorney may be necessary to assist with the custody and parenting time aspects of their case. With single-issue representation, we can appear on your behalf to resolve particular, more complicated aspects of your case without driving up the cost of your case as a whole.

“A La Carte” Court Appearances

Sometimes you need an advocate for a single court hearing or mediation, someone to walk you through the process or speak on your behalf. This service is especially helpful if you are disabled or if English is your second language. We can file a limited appearance in your case and come with you to the hearing, so that you have someone to speak on your behalf in court.

Is Limited Scope Representation Right for You?

Not every situation is appropriate for limited scope representation. At your initial consultation we will help you evaluate if limited scope is the right fit for you.

When LSR Works

LSR works well for clients who have done their research about divorce and can communicate effectively with their spouse. LSR is especially effective for low-conflict cases and where the parties have few assets or issues to fight over.

When Not to Unbundle Legal Help

If your case is complicated or highly emotional (for you or the other party), unbundling your legal services could leave you without the support you need. Limited scope representation is not recommended in cases involving:

  • Domestic violence or unequal bargaining power caused by dominance or control
  • Uncontrolled mental health issues (for either party)
  • New or unresolved legal issues
  • Complex or inter-connected assets and liabilities

Talk to a Limited Scope Representation Lawyer to Customize Your Case

Our family law firm provides limited scope representation for individuals and families near Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan, who want to be active participants in their family law matters. We will meet with you to help you define what services you need and what you would prefer to handle on your own. Contact us to schedule a consultation with a limited scope attorney today.