Elder Mediation

Elder mediation helps preserve family harmony, one of the most precious gifts a family can give to an elderly member.

Older adults, their families and caregivers may need help making difficult decisions related to long-term care, guardianship, medical treatment, living arrangements, and financial and estate planning.

Misunderstandings and differences of opinion can lead to conflict, despite the best efforts of all involved. Some families turn to the courts to resolve emotionally charged issues that, with guidance, could have been decided by the families themselves.

Harmonious family relationships

Elder Mediation helps achieve what older adults want most: harmonious family relationships, cooperative decision-making, and a sound plan of care. Guided by a trained elder mediator, families can respectfully resolve:

  • Disagreements among siblings over the medical care or treatment of an elderly parent
  • Decisions about guardianship or conservatorship when an elder’s decision-making is in question
  • Conflict over selling the family home or moving a loved one to new living arrangements
  • Tensions caused by parents, children and grandchildren living together
  • Concerns about the quality of care in assisted living or long-term care facilities
  • Disputes with caregivers, landlords, other residents or neighbors
  • Transportation and concerns about an elder’s safe driving

Elder mediation helps families develop comprehensive plans to:

  • Share caregiving or guardianship responsibilities
  • Make changes in living arrangements
  • Draft or review estate and financial plans

Elder mediation provides the counsel of a trained, neutral third party to help families communicate effectively and come together to reach mutually agreeable decisions. Our family law attorneys have the training and experience in adult guardianship mediation to be effective elder law mediators, striking a balance between the concerns of adult children and the privacy and autonomy of an older adult.

Families learn to explore their options thoughtfully, make informed choices, and plan wisely for future needs. In the process, more trusting relationships are developed, reducing the likelihood of continued conflict or potential litigation.

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