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Divorce Mediation Ann Arbor, MI

In a divorce trial today, no one really wins.

More and more divorcing couples are discovering that “having their day in court” doesn’t bring the results they expected. Often, couples don’t have the opportunity to have their say, because the attorneys and the judge do the talking. The judge issues a decision, which may involve pages of complex documents that the attorneys explain later on. The process is public, time-consuming, confusing, and expensive.

Mediation focuses on the future

Divorce mediation is a forward-looking process that helps families work through difficult issues and lays the foundation for a better future. In mediation, one of our trained, impartial attorneys helps couples resolve disputes and formalize a final agreement.


  • Mediation is usually faster and less costly than a court trial.
  • Mediation is private.
  • The mediator cannot provide legal advice, but will tell you when to obtain legal advice.
  • Sessions are scheduled when convenient for you.
  • Both sides have time to be heard and explore a wide variety of issues that affect their lives and family.
  • You and your mediator will work toward creating a final, binding legal judgment in an atmosphere of professionalism and respect.
  • Mediation allows both sides to focus on their individual interests while protecting important relationships.
  • The mediator will model more effective communication techniques.
  • Your mediator acts as your guide throughout the process, helping you make informed decisions and come to a mutually acceptable agreement.
  • The couple takes ownership of the agreement.


Selecting the Best Divorce Process for You

Attorney-Assisted Mediation

Work with an attorney who is trained in mediation and fully understands the mediation process.   Much of our practice is mediating cases, and we recommend that our clients have their attorneys attend all mediation sessions, particularly when:  One… Read More