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Litigation and Appeals

Almost no divorcing couple wants to end up in court, but sometimes need a judge to decide their issues.

When circumstances indicate that a trial is the best option, you can rely on the courtroom skills of our attorneys to present your case in a thoughtful, forceful manner with maximum civility.

Our Michigan divorce attorneys will represent you in appealing the trial court’s decision or will refer you to a good appellate lawyer.

Advantages of litigation

  • It may be the only remaining option if previous settlement efforts have failed.
  • Decisions can be appealed.
  • Parties feel they’ve had their day in court.

Disadvantages of litigation

  • Trials can be extremely costly.
  • Trials are open to the public.
  • Trials can drag on. If the judge has a full calendar, decisions may be postponed.
  • A trial potentially exposes children to unpleasant accusations between their parents.
  • Trials polarize. Parties focus on all the bad things about the other, often using witnesses to back up the accusations.
  • Parties remain focused on the past, instead of planning for their future.
  • It takes a long time for the family to heal after a trial, and some people never forget the negative things the other spouse said about them.