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Limited Scope Representation

Limited scope representation allows you to pick and choose which services our attorneys provide.

This form of representation works well for clients who have done quite a lot of research about divorce and can communicate effectively with their spouse.

Some clients come to the divorce process already having worked out many family issues. They want an attorney to validate whether their informal settlement covers all the bases and will serve their family well. These clients may be unfamiliar with the court process and want an attorney who knows how to get the divorce finalized.

Clients may want the settlement agreement drafted by a professional who knows how to phrase the various points of agreement and be certain that they are expressed correctly in the formal court documents.

In some cases, couples have worked out most of the terms of their settlement and need help resolving one or two issues. They may trust each other enough that one of them will hire a lawyer who will draft the agreement and the court documents—which the other will review, with or without advice of their own legal counsel, to reach a resolution.

Our family law firm provides limited scope representation for clients who want to participate more actively than those who choose traditional divorce representation.