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What is Appropriate Behavior by Your Attorney?

If your goal is a common sense, harmonious conclusion to your marriage and life beyond, then be certain you select a lawyer who shares that vision - all the time. Read More
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Being Successful Co-Parents After Divorce

There is no one magic formula for successful co-parenting after divorce. There are guidelines that help parents. 1. Show respect for the other parent. You once loved this person enough to make at least once child together. No, the other parent is not… Read More
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Disinheriting Your Former Spouse

Many people think that disinheriting a former spouse means writing a new will. It can mean more than that. If you and your spouse have executed powers of attorney and medical durable powers of attorney that name each other, you may want to designate… Read More
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Being a Financially Savvy Single

In a recent article, I described the steps you should take to secure your financial future before your financial your divorce. Now it is time to implement the plan. Hopefully, your attorney has sent you an instruction letter with your final judgment… Read More
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Protecting Your Financial Future

It is important to know that the debt division that you agree upon in your settlement agreement or judgment of divorce is just between the parties. It does not bind your creditors. For example, if you owe $5,000 on a credit card that is in joint name… Read More
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What Do Lawyers Do When They Divorce?

When lawyers divorce, most try to stay out of court. Even though they may have an advantage over their non-lawyer spouse, they try everything to settle the case before the judge is placed in the position of having to make decisions for them and their… Read More
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Are You Good Candidates for Parallel Parenting?

There are three style of parenting after divorce. 1) Cooperative, 2) Conflicted or 3) Disengaged and Parallel parenting. Cooperative parenting is the style used by parents who have low conflict and who can communicate effectively about their child. Y… Read More
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Protecting Inheritances and Gifts that You Receive During Marriage or Bring into the Marriage

Gifts and Inheritances that you bring into the marriage or that you receive during the marriage are considered “separate property” in Michigan, provided that you can identify the assets and their source as being gifts or inheritance to yo… Read More
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Make Sure You Receive Retirement Benefits from Your Former Spouse

Incident to divorce or separate maintenance (legal separation in some states), it is possible to divide retirement benefits that one spouse earned as an employment benefit or saved in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)or other retirement savings,… Read More
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Voting for Judges is Really Important

2014 is an off year election year.  Many question whether it is worth bothering to vote.  If there are people running for judge in your jurisdiction, you should educate yourself on the qualifications and temperament of the candidates and vote. Why?… Read More
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