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Child Support - How is it Calculated and What Does it Cover?

In Michigan, both parents are required to contribute to the support of their children, unless they are disabled or truly unable to work.  When parents divorce or separate we need to know how much each parent earns or could earn, if working outside t… Read More
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Child Support and Spousal Support Modifications: Our Top-Ten List of Considerations

Are you facing unemployment and still paying child support at the same rate as when you were employed? Are you receiving child support and facing a request from the payer to reduce child support because the payer has lost their job? If so, you are li… Read More
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Children Who Refuse to Visit – Part II of II

If your child is resisting spending time with you, it may be due to your own lack of insight into why. Perhaps you have a problem with anger management and your child has experienced how your spouse feels after a blow-up or worse, has seen the blow-u… Read More
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Children Who Refuse to Visit – Part I of II

Your divorce is finally over, a parenting time schedule is in place, and now you are looking forward to building your relationship with your child in an environment that does not include your former spouse. Parenting time is going along fine: your ex… Read More
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Getting What You Need: What to do When Your Spouse is Being Unreasonable

Your lawyer has advised you that your spouse’s anger should subside once the divorce gets underway.  However, you are now in month 5 of the divorce.  You have heard that most cases settle.  You have been to mediation twice.  Yet your spous… Read More
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Do Your Kids Resist Spending Parenting Time with You? Give Them Permission to Love the Other Parent

Recently, a new client complained that her 15 year old son does not want to spend time with his father. The son complains that Dad maligns Mom when they are together. Yesterday, the client forwarded an email exchange between their son and his dad whi… Read More
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Creating New Traditions

There are a number of lesser holidays and some major ones in the late winter and spring; St. Patrick’s Day, April Fools Day, Easter, Memorial Day. Seems we are always ready to celebrate something. For days that have family significance for you,… Read More
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Can You Mediate or Collaborate with a Spouse Who Engages in Illegal or Bad Behavior?

Mediators generally tell you that you can only mediate with someone who can make and keep promises. Collaborative professionals require you to sign a participation agreement where the parties and the professionals agree that they will resolve matters… Read More
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You Have Discovered Your Spouse Has Engaged in Hidden Assets, Tax Fraud or Other Bad Behavior. Now What?

In my last article, I provided some suggestions for determining whether your marital assets have been hidden. One of the reasons people prefer to avoid gaining such knowledge is the next question. Now what do I do? Hiding assets during a court procee… Read More
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Has Your Spouse Hidden Assets?

Are you financially aware of your family’s assets and finances? Do you keep track of your accounts and credit card statements? Does what you spend and save correspond to the income you have coming in? If a divorce is on the horizon for you, the… Read More
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