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Do Professionals Have to Make Divorce so Complicated?

Some clients complain that professionals, such as lawyers, make divorce unnecessarily complicated.  The client is really saying there are so many facets to this divorce that I feel overwhelmed.  I want to keep this simple. The truth is, as many of… Read More
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Getting Past Anger

Most divorces start when one spouse decides that the marriage is no longer meeting his or her needs.  The initiating spouse has often spent months, perhaps years pulling away from the relationship and considering his or her options.  Often the rema… Read More
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Preventing Credit Damage in Divorce

It is impossible to totally prevent credit damage if your former spouse has access to joint accounts once the divorce is imminent or has begun, unless your spouse is also committed to maintaining BOTH of your good credit. However, there are ways to m… Read More
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Car Titles

Many of my clients own their cars jointly with their spouses. This is a huge liability problem whether you are married or are divorcing. The greatest source of potential liability for you is your car. Why? At what ever weight the vehicle has, when it… Read More
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Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO's)

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders provide an exception to the general rule that once you have deposited money into a retirement account, you cannot withdraw it or transfer it without incurring a penalty and paying taxes on the amount withdrawn or t… Read More
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How Does the U.S. Supreme Court Decision Validating Same Sex Marriages Impact Michigan?

Obergefell v Hodges, was the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision that overturned the Michigan prohibition against same sex marriage. As a result, same sex couples who wish to marry in Michigan, may do so. Michigan must recognize same sex marriages t… Read More
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Child Support and Spousal Support Modifications: Our Top-Ten List of Considerations

Are you facing unemployment and still paying child support at the same rate as when you were employed? Are you receiving child support and facing a request from the payer to reduce child support because the payer has lost their job? If so, you are li… Read More
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Assuring the Children receive the Child Support

I often hear the complaint that the child support goes to the other parent; not to the children.  This is often followed by examples, such as the support is deposited into the parent’s checking account and used to pay rent/mortgage, utilities,… Read More
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Does Having 50/50 Parenting Time Save Paying Child Support to my Former Spouse?

The answer is, it depends.  Only when both parents earn the same amount of income and either pay their own child care expense or have no child care expense, will there be no exchange of child support.  In my practice, I have few couples who earn eq… Read More
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Will I Save Having to Pay Child Support if I have the Children More Time than the Other Parent?

Child support is determined in part by the amount of time that the children spent with each parent.  In Michigan, the time is measured in over nights, generally. There is more expense involved in caring for children than just paying child support. I… Read More
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