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When you need to get a second opinion

When we face a major medical procedure, we accept the fact that it’s wise to get a second opinion. The same is true in divorce. If you are unsure that the advice you are receiving from your lawyer is correct, it’s wise to get a second opinion. T… Read More
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The effect of bankruptcy on divorce

Money is one of the biggest stressors in a marriage, and some couples come to the process with considerable debt. It’s important to consider whether there are sufficient resources to pay down the debt so that each party can support themselves and t… Read More
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Feel like the victim in a divorce?

When your spouse or significant other initiates the divorce or separation—and you want to stay married—a great many emotions wash over you: fear, anger, and helplessness. You may also feel humiliation, guilt and shame at being left. It’s easy… Read More
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Complete the retirement process right after a divorce

Under Michigan law, retirement plans are part of the equitable distribution of marital assets. But in a recent Michigan case, a former wife’s delay in getting a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) drafted and processed cost her dearly. The w… Read More
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What Do You Want from Your Lawyer?

Our firm asks our clients to critique their lawyers and our service at the end of their case.  We  find that their comments help us to improve our procedures, our physical plant and other aspects of our service delivery.  Most of these questionnai… Read More
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Why do Lawyers Make Things so Darned Complicated?

For most couples, getting their finances divided is complicated.   Add to the divorce process that usually one member of the couple wants the divorce and the other does not and you have a complicated emotional situation.  Often the partner who wan… Read More
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It's a Scary Time

It’s almost Halloween; a time when children and adults face their fears.  For those going through divorce, it can feel like Halloween all year long.  It’s a time to be scared.  The difference is we don’t have the benefit of great… Read More
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When Trying to Save Money on Your Lawyer Ends up Costing You More

Sometimes clients tell me they want me to act in a limited role. They will settle some aspects of their divorce alone.  That’s fine, provided they understand the issues.  When they settle without understanding the ramifications of their actio… Read More
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Financial Considerations in a Divorce

Lately, a number of potential clients have come in to explore getting a divorce.  Some were employed outside the home; some not.  Some had high income wage-earning spouses.  Some had well-paying job themselves.  The common thread was that they ha… Read More
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Just Take Care of My Divorce and Call me When it's Over

Occasionally, there are very busy people who are used to focusing on what they do best (often having to do with work) and delegating or paying others to do the work they do not wish to do themselves.  This includes taking care of family matters. Not… Read More
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