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Less Expensive Ways Attorneys Can Help

If you are getting your divorce advice from your friends who have been through a divorce, your minister or priest, or your bartender, you will probably hear one of two “truths”.  First, that you need to get the meanest, “baddest… Read More
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When Are Children Old Enough To Decide Where They Should Live

  There is no magic age when a child can decide with which parent they prefer to live.  Changing custody requires a two step process.  The first step is the determination of whether or not there has been (a) a change in circumstances or (b) pr… Read More
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When Child Protective Services Comes Knocking: What Happens Now?

If you are going through a divorce or child custody action and child protective services “CPS” becomes involved, there are several things you should know and do. First, let your divorce lawyer know that CPS has become involved. Ask your lawye… Read More
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Mediation and Collaborative Divorce: Good for Celebrities and Good for the Budget

Because mediation and collaborative practice typically are far more affordable processes for handling divorce, they often are mistaken for “budget” options.   Yes:  almost always mediation and collaborative will save money for a divor… Read More
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The Only Constant is Change

We have all learned from the recent economic downturn that someone’s financial position can change in a heartbeat.  This knowledge has added serious stress to our lives.  In some cases, we appreciate our family and the support they can provide mo… Read More
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Give your Children the Gift of Two Parents After Divorce

Many parents worry about the negative impact their divorce will have on their children.  This is a valid concern since children can get lost in the conflict between their parents. Considerable research that includes longitudinal studies of divorce… Read More
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Celebrity Divorces

When celebrities divorce, it seems that our media crazed society feels that it has the need to know all the details.  Celebrities and their professional assistants, such as lawyers, have to work particularly hard to provide the celebrity, the spous… Read More
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Are Prenuptials a Good Idea When One Marries Wealth?

Do Tiger and Elin have a prenuptial agreement? No one is saying.  However, agreements that determine what share of a large estate each spouse will receive in the event of divorce are common, especially when a person of modest means marries someone w… Read More
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The Financial Crisis, Underwater Mortgages and Troubled Marriage

When O, the Oprah magazine, focuses on new trends in divorce and personal finance, you know that the trend is on its way to mainstream acceptance. (See “Divorce, Interrupted” in O, The Oprah Magazine, May 2009.) For many couples on the v… Read More
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Should I Keep the House?

Your house does not just provide shelter to your family. To many people, it represents your standing in the community. Just having a house is a big source of pride to people. It provides relatively more space, storage and privacy than renting an apar… Read More
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