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Extended Health Care Coverage for Adult Children

Effective September 23, 2010, health insurance coverage was extended until your children reach age 26 years, under health insurance reform legislation. The law applies if the parent’s employer already provided dependent coverage. Extension of… Read More
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Some Attorney Fees May be Deductible

At this time of year, taxpayers are particularly interested in tax deductions. If you have been paying for legal advice during your divorce, there may be some compensation in that a portion of those fees may be deductible. Generally, attorney fees pa… Read More
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Moving Out of the Family Home does not Abandon this Asset

There are common myths and misconceptions in family law in Michigan. One of them is if….. If I move out of the marital home before the divorce is final, then I will lose my rights in the home and any personal property left behind. Reality Typic… Read More
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Spousal Support – What are the “Guidelines?”

Under Michigan law, there are well-known child support guidelines which provide a uniform system of calculating, in precise dollar terms, the amount of child support owed.  Basically, given a mother’s income, a father’s income, the numbe… Read More
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Can you Afford to Divorce?

Money or lack thereof is one of the biggest stressors in marriage. It is also a huge stressor when people consider divorce. And for good reason. Many families find it hard to make ends meet when the couple lives together and all the income is applied… Read More
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Deadlines, Deadlines

Many clients are aware that there exist statutory waiting periods from the time a complaint for divorce is filed until it may be granted by the court.  Under Michigan law, two important waiting periods apply.  Essentially, there is a certain minimu… Read More
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Your Facebook Account is Not Your Friend During a Divorce

Social media cites like Facebook and My Space are great places to share news with your friends efficiently; like my spouse just filed for divorce, along with an unflattering picture of your spouse and examples of his/her bad behavior.  As the divorc… Read More
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Protecting Your Computer Privacy

When you see your marriage is in trouble, there are so many things to consider and worry about; impact on the children, where will you live, financial concerns.  You are probably talking to friends, attorneys, counselors and relatives to get help in… Read More
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Watch What You Say in Email

When tensions are high during a divorce or custody battle, it might be best to communicate with your spouse by email.  This avoids angry face-to-face encounters or arguments on the phone, where you have more opportunities to push each other’… Read More
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Is My Inheritance Really “Mine?”

An inheritance typically starts out as the property of the individual who inherited it.  That seems logical enough.  With married couples, however, an individual inheritance quickly can be transformed from “separate property” (that is,… Read More
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