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divorce settlement

Attorney-Negotiated Divorce Settlement

Sometimes spouses simply can’t work out their divorce settlement on their own. Difficult legal issues, financing concerns, and hard feelings can interfere with your ability to resolve your issues quickly or in a way third parties (like banks and re… Read More
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grantor retained annuity trust

Using GRATs and SLATs for High-Net-Worth Individuals’ Estate Planning

If your family’s assets are worth enough to raise concerns about estate taxes (currently $11.7 million for an individual or $23.4 million for a married couple), GRATs (Grantor Retained Annuity Trust) and SLATs (Spousal Lifetime Access Trust) are tw… Read More
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importance of estate planning

Lessons from Covid: Importance of Estate Planning in Place for the Unexpected

If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, it is that we are all at risk of an unexpected illness or untimely death. If there’s one legal lesson to learn from this tragedy, it is the importance of estate planning, even for relatively y… Read More
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divorce discovery

What is Divorce Discovery, and What is Included?

You may know everything about life with your spouse, but the attorneys and the judge don’t. Sometimes, one spouse may not even know about key financial issues. Divorce discovery helps to fill in the gaps and collect information in a form that can b… Read More
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financial power of attorney

Updating Your Financial Power of Attorney Post-COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do a lot of things. It has brought special attention to the need to update your estate plan to give clear direction for your health and hospital care if you get sick. But what about your finances? Michigan… Read More
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contempt of court

Contempt of Court in Michigan Family Law Cases

Sometimes a former, or soon-to-be former, spouse or co-parent can make your life difficult by refusing to pay support or cooperate with parenting time or fighting your efforts to resolve your divorce. When inconvenience and annoyance crosses the line… Read More
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protect assets from divorce

How to Protect Assets in a Divorce

When a marriage relationship ends, both spouses often look for ways to get out with their separate property in the divorce. Knowing how to protect your separate assets ahead of time can be essential. Particularly if you have heirlooms, inheritances,… Read More
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keeping the best interest of the children in mind

Best Interests of the Child in Michigan Custody Cases

Anytime children are involved in a court case, including a divorce or child custody complaint, it can be hard for parents to set aside their own desires and do what is best for their children. The Michigan Child Custody Act lays out 12 “best intere… Read More
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senior divorce

Financially Preparing for a Gray Divorce

Gray divorces happen after decades of marriage, raising children together, and working together to maintain a household. Untangling income, assets, and insurance issues in a long-term marriage can be especially difficult. Here are some things to cons… Read More
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family with a parenting coordinator

Does Your Case Need a Parenting Coordinator?

Co-parenting with an ex-spouse or former partner isn’t always easy. Differences in priorities, emotional wounds, and ongoing struggles for control can turn even the simplest questions about your child’s care into a battle. If you are looking for… Read More
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