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Joint Custody in Michigan

Just because you and your former spouse or partner aren’t together anymore doesn’t mean they are a bad parent. Many children in separated families enjoy relationships with two healthy parents through some form of joint custody arrangement. Find o… Read More
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Estate Planning documents

Michigan Estate Planning Documents

  It is never too early to start creating your estate plan. Life is uncertain, and you never know when you or your loved ones may be faced with tough choices about your care, well-being, healthcare treatment, or distribution of your assets. Her… Read More
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10 Tips for Handling the First Holidays After Divorce

The first year after your divorce is finalized has its own set of ‘firsts’ that can create stress, uncertainty, and hard feelings. This is especially true during the holiday season. Celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays after di… Read More
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Michigan Postnuptial Agreement Guide

The marriage date has passed, you are now a married couple, but trouble is putting stress on your marriage. Concerns over finances, care of the household, or what will happen when you die are putting your marriage at risk. You find yourself wondering… Read More
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Michigan Child Support: Reimbursement for Extra Ordinary Medical Expenses (OMEs)

Children’s medical expenses can add up, especially if you are the parent of a special needs child. The Michigan Child Support Formula takes some ordinary medical expenses into account, but what if caring for your child costs more than you can affor… Read More
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Estate Planning for Minor Beneficiaries

In this time of COVID-19, I have had a lot of questions from parents about whether there are any special considerations they should have when planning for the unthinkable: their own incapacity or death while their children are still minors. The answe… Read More
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Divorce Planning: Updating Your Estate Plan

Getting a divorce is the start of a new chapter for your life. But if you don’t update your estate plan, you may be failing to protect your assets from your divorced spouse. Find out how your divorce affects the different parts of your estate plan,… Read More
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What Are the Benefits of Legal Separation V. Divorce

Even though your marriage has broken down, you may not be ready to file for divorce. You may have heard of a “legal separation” and wonder if it is a good half-way point for you and your spouse. Find out what a legal separation is, and what the b… Read More
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How to Navigate Family Court Cases in a Post-Pandemic World

The statewide shutdowns of Michigan courts are over, and residents and families across the state are starting to move back to some semblance of normalcy. But COVID-19 continues to be a significant concern. Find out what your local court is doing to f… Read More
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Mediation for Family Law Matters - An Alternative Way Forward

Ending a marriage or relationship where there are minor children is never easy, but it isn’t always full of conflict, the way it seems on television. If the idea of spending the next 6 months to a year fighting over your divorce or custody case in… Read More
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