Just Take Care of My Divorce and Call me When it's Over

Occasionally, there are very busy people who are used to focusing on what they do best (often having to do with work) and delegating or paying others to do the work they do not wish to do themselves. This includes taking care of family matters.

Not surprisingly, particularly when they have problems that are very emotionally charged, they prefer someone else to take care of it. Usually, they want it done quickly.

Divorce requires each spouse's participation. The key to getting it done WELL is finding a professional who can get the necessary work done efficiently. A lawyer who understands owning a business, for the business owners. A lawyer who understand complex, executive compensation for executives. A lawyer who understands complex investments and who can find appropriate tax and valuation advice. Most of all a lawyer who can negotiate effectively with the other spouse's attorney.

However, the client needs to be available to the lawyer and the financial advisors to let them know their preferences and priorities. In our digital age, using email is often most efficient. Prepare a list of questions you have for the lawyer and send that in advance of a phone conference. This permits the lawyer to do the necessary research and have answers available. It also permits you to organize your thoughts, questions and priorities and give direction to the lawyer.

A successful divorce is one where the lawyer and other professionals meet the expectations of the client. This is a two way street. The client needs to explain (in detail) his or her expectations, which will be evolving during the divorce, so give yourself some time. The lawyer will then do her best to meet them.