Is there a good time to divorce?

In order to avoid having a more difficult, hostile divorce, it is useful to pay attention to timing.

For example, filing just before an important event, like your spouse's birthday, or your wedding anniversary, will inflame the situation. Similarly, I discourage people from filing just before important holidays, unless they need immediate protection from the court. Your spouse will be focused on your thoughtlessness, rather than facing the issues that led to the breakdown of the marriage.

In order to have constructive process, both spouses or partners need to focus on behaviors that did not work in their relationship and actively attempt to try to engage in healthier conduct. The party who starts the case can achieve such introspection by being sensitive to avoiding needless triggers that will sidetrack their spouse/partner from the important work to be done in transitioning from marriage or an intimate relationship to a business-type relationship.

There is no good time to divorce. However, take the time to consider when might be a really bad time and try to avoid those times. Your Michigan divorce attorney or counselor can assist you.