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Spousal Support

How does COVID-19 impact my support payment?

How does COVID-19 impact my support payment?   The impact of COVID-19 is extensive. Even those lucky enough to avoid becoming infected or having a friend or loved one become sick may still experience emotional and physical reactions ranging in sever… Read More
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Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO's)

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders provide an exception to the general rule that once you have deposited money into a retirement account, you cannot withdraw it or transfer it without incurring a penalty and paying taxes on the amount withdrawn or t… Read More
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Child Support and Spousal Support Modifications: Our Top-Ten List of Considerations

Are you facing unemployment and still paying child support at the same rate as when you were employed? Are you receiving child support and facing a request from the payer to reduce child support because the payer has lost their job? If so, you are li… Read More
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Should a Stay-at-Home Parent During the Marriage Work After the Divorce?

Many stay-at-home parents, particularly those who did not initiate the divorce, see having to go to work as one more unwanted change in their lives.  They have committed to caring for the family, which has value.  They prefer to work principally in… Read More
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The Revolt of the "Second Wives Club"

Divorced men who are under court orders to pay their wives spousal support, (sometimes referred to as alimony) particularly permanent spousal support, are receiving political assistance from the woman who would like to become or who are their subsequ… Read More
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Spousal Support – What are the “Guidelines?”

Under Michigan law, there are well-known child support guidelines which provide a uniform system of calculating, in precise dollar terms, the amount of child support owed.  Basically, given a mother’s income, a father’s income, the numbe… Read More
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