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Social Media and Divorce

Protecting Your Tech Privacy during a Divorce

One of the most important but often overlooked first steps in the process of separation or divorce is regaining control over your tech privacy. During intact relationships, the concept of privacy can be rather muddy, and couples have wide-ranging pri… Read More
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Your Facebook Account is Not Your Friend During a Divorce

Social media cites like Facebook and My Space are great places to share news with your friends efficiently; like my spouse just filed for divorce, along with an unflattering picture of your spouse and examples of his/her bad behavior.  As the divorc… Read More
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Protecting Your Computer Privacy

When you see your marriage is in trouble, there are so many things to consider and worry about; impact on the children, where will you live, financial concerns.  You are probably talking to friends, attorneys, counselors and relatives to get help in… Read More
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Watch What You Say in Email

When tensions are high during a divorce or custody battle, it might be best to communicate with your spouse by email.  This avoids angry face-to-face encounters or arguments on the phone, where you have more opportunities to push each other’… Read More
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