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Selecting a Divorce Lawyer

Using On-Line Legal Services

There are increasing numbers of on-line services that advertise that they can help you divorce for a fraction of the cost that you will pay if you use a lawyer.  They will often say that on-line divorces are great for couples who agree on the divisi… Read More
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Keeping Your Fees to a Minimum

Divorce is a very complicated process that can cost a lot, especially if the parties allow their emotions to govern their decision-making. Here are some cost-cutting ideas. Don’t use your attorney as your therapist. Most divorce lawyers are k… Read More
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The “Good Divorce”: Clients MUST Be Full Partners with The Attorney

If your lawyer is honest, she or he will tell you at the first appointment that  more than 98% of all divorce cases settle by negotiation or mediation.  Knowing that you are all but certain to settle and not be involved in a trial of your issues, i… Read More
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Representing Yourself in a Divorce

Do you have to have a lawyer representing you in a divorce? Legally, people can represent themselves in civil court. Lets say your spouse and you have been talking about divorce and have agreed on the terms of a settlement. With the internet and the… Read More
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Why You Need a Good Negotiator as Your Lawyer

I often hear that potential clients want a “pitbull” or a “fighter” for their lawyer.  This sentiment is often fueled by fear that if they are not meaner or stronger than their spouse or partner, that they will lose something… Read More
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Less Expensive Ways Attorneys Can Help

If you are getting your divorce advice from your friends who have been through a divorce, your minister or priest, or your bartender, you will probably hear one of two “truths”.  First, that you need to get the meanest, “baddest… Read More
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Finding a Really Good Lawyer

Many people have expressed a wish to have a certified “really good lawyer” list published in each community. However, not everyone will agree on who is a really good lawyer for you. To help you in your search, let’s define what qual… Read More
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