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Selecting a Divorce Lawyer

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5 Questions to Ask When Selecting your Divorce Lawyer

You’ve made the often highly emotional choice to file for divorce, or maybe your spouse has made it for you, or perhaps the two of you have made it together. In any case, you find yourself sitting across from a family law attorney at an initial con… Read More
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Parents looking after the best interest of the child in support and custody case.

Child Support Tips for Fathers and Mothers

Being a single parent is hard work. Balancing your child’s needs with financial pressures without anyone else to tow the line can push moms and dads to their limit. Find out what fathers and mothers can do in a child support case to help their kids… Read More
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The Michigan Divorce Process: What You Need to Know

It is easy to get caught up and intimidated by the prospect of going through a divorce. Beyond even the emotional considerations, fears of the divorce process itself can deter you or make you delay choosing that path. After all, family law does not h… Read More
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Think you want a “shark” as your lawyer?

When you call our office for an appointment, you will speak with a staff member who will check for conflicts (to determine if we have advised your spouse or someone close to your case in the past and cannot represent you) and the jurisdiction (can we… Read More
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When you need to get a second opinion

When we face a major medical procedure, we accept the fact that it’s wise to get a second opinion. The same is true in divorce. If you are unsure that the advice you are receiving from your lawyer is correct, it’s wise to get a second opinion. T… Read More
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What Do You Want from Your Lawyer?

Our firm asks our clients to critique their lawyers and our service at the end of their case.  We  find that their comments help us to improve our procedures, our physical plant and other aspects of our service delivery.  Most of these questionnai… Read More
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Why do Lawyers Make Things so Darned Complicated?

For most couples, getting their finances divided is complicated.   Add to the divorce process that usually one member of the couple wants the divorce and the other does not and you have a complicated emotional situation.  Often the partner who wan… Read More
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When Trying to Save Money on Your Lawyer Ends up Costing You More

Sometimes clients tell me they want me to act in a limited role. They will settle some aspects of their divorce alone.  That’s fine, provided they understand the issues.  When they settle without understanding the ramifications of their actio… Read More
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Financial Considerations in a Divorce

Lately, a number of potential clients have come in to explore getting a divorce.  Some were employed outside the home; some not.  Some had high income wage-earning spouses.  Some had well-paying job themselves.  The common thread was that they ha… Read More
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What is Appropriate Behavior by Your Attorney?

If your goal is a common sense, harmonious conclusion to your marriage and life beyond, then be certain you select a lawyer who shares that vision - all the time. Read More
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