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Judge: “I don’t love your children.”

Judges give the following admonition to people who litigate, in different forms.  One particularly forthright judge stated it this way. “I don’t love your children.  I have only met them once for a very short time.  You know them and their nee… Read More
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Moving with the Children to Other States

In our mobile society, we often encounter clients who have moved to Michigan from other states.  When their marriage is threatened, they prefer to have the support of their extended families and want to move back home.  When the couple has children… Read More
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Avoiding International Abduction of Children

When one or both parents are foreign nationals or live or work in a foreign country,  international abduction of a child presents a greater threat.  What should a separated or divorced parent do to avoid having a child removed from the United State… Read More
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One Family, Two Families – Tips to Succeed

The transition from one household and one family unit to two households and two family units can be difficult – especially after a contentious divorce.  For months, the energy has focused on ending a relationship.  Then, all of the sudden, you… Read More
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Accept the Child Custody Arrangement or Parenting Time or Risk Rocking the Boat

Many parents, often the dad, want advice on whether to keep the peace and accept the parenting schedule or the child custody arrangement that the other parent, often the mom, wants or risk that parent’s anger.  There may have been some “bad beha… Read More
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When Are Children Old Enough To Decide Where They Should Live

  There is no magic age when a child can decide with which parent they prefer to live.  Changing custody requires a two step process.  The first step is the determination of whether or not there has been (a) a change in circumstances or (b) pr… Read More
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When Child Protective Services Comes Knocking: What Happens Now?

If you are going through a divorce or child custody action and child protective services “CPS” becomes involved, there are several things you should know and do. First, let your divorce lawyer know that CPS has become involved. Ask your lawye… Read More
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Give your Children the Gift of Two Parents After Divorce

Many parents worry about the negative impact their divorce will have on their children.  This is a valid concern since children can get lost in the conflict between their parents. Considerable research that includes longitudinal studies of divorce… Read More
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