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keeping the best interest of the children in mind

Best Interests of the Child in Michigan Custody Cases

Anytime children are involved in a court case, including a divorce or child custody complaint, it can be hard for parents to set aside their own desires and do what is best for their children. The Michigan Child Custody Act lays out 12 “best intere… Read More
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family with a parenting coordinator

Does Your Case Need a Parenting Coordinator?

Co-parenting with an ex-spouse or former partner isn’t always easy. Differences in priorities, emotional wounds, and ongoing struggles for control can turn even the simplest questions about your child’s care into a battle. If you are looking for… Read More
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Single mother making a schedule with her child

2021 Guide to Michigan Parenting Time

During your divorce or separation most separated families will create a parenting time schedule that controls who will care for the children on what days and times. These plans can be flexible or specific, but they should always reflect your child’… Read More
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dad embracing his daughter at home

Joint Custody in Michigan

Just because you and your former spouse or partner aren’t together anymore doesn’t mean they are a bad parent. Many children in separated families enjoy relationships with two healthy parents through some form of joint custody arrangement. Find o… Read More
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Woman alone On Christmas

10 Tips for Handling the First Holidays After Divorce

The first year after your divorce is finalized has its own set of ‘firsts’ that can create stress, uncertainty, and hard feelings. This is especially true during the holiday season. Celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays after di… Read More
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Family reading together

Estate Planning for Minor Beneficiaries

In this time of COVID-19, I have had a lot of questions from parents about whether there are any special considerations they should have when planning for the unthinkable: their own incapacity or death while their children are still minors. The answe… Read More
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Parents looking after the best interest of the child in support and custody case.

Child Support Tips for Fathers and Mothers

Being a single parent is hard work. Balancing your child’s needs with financial pressures without anyone else to tow the line can push moms and dads to their limit. Find out what fathers and mothers can do in a child support case to help their kids… Read More
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Part II: Supervised Parenting Time During COVID-19

In recent weeks, there has been much discussion regarding how parents should handle court-ordered parenting time schedules during the time of Coronavirus.  While Governor Whitmer’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order offers some insight int… Read More
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Parenting Time During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the world scrambles to control the COVID-19 pandemic and leaders urge social distancing and self-isolation, co-parenting families are finding themselves in challenging situations. Parents are asking whether children: Should continue to transition… Read More
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Supporting Your Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Currently, our world is experiencing an unprecedented chapter in its history with global impacts on everyone’s physical and mental health in addition to the toll on the economy and society as we know it. This new reality has all of us shaken but i… Read More
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