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Financial and Property Issues

Moving Out of the Family Home does not Abandon this Asset

There are common myths and misconceptions in family law in Michigan. One of them is if….. If I move out of the marital home before the divorce is final, then I will lose my rights in the home and any personal property left behind. Reality Typic… Read More
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Can you Afford to Divorce?

Money or lack thereof is one of the biggest stressors in marriage. It is also a huge stressor when people consider divorce. And for good reason. Many families find it hard to make ends meet when the couple lives together and all the income is applied… Read More
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Is My Inheritance Really “Mine?”

An inheritance typically starts out as the property of the individual who inherited it.  That seems logical enough.  With married couples, however, an individual inheritance quickly can be transformed from “separate property” (that is,… Read More
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The Only Constant is Change

We have all learned from the recent economic downturn that someone’s financial position can change in a heartbeat.  This knowledge has added serious stress to our lives.  In some cases, we appreciate our family and the support they can provide mo… Read More
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The Financial Crisis, Underwater Mortgages and Troubled Marriage

When O, the Oprah magazine, focuses on new trends in divorce and personal finance, you know that the trend is on its way to mainstream acceptance. (See “Divorce, Interrupted” in O, The Oprah Magazine, May 2009.) For many couples on the v… Read More
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Should I Keep the House?

Your house does not just provide shelter to your family. To many people, it represents your standing in the community. Just having a house is a big source of pride to people. It provides relatively more space, storage and privacy than renting an apar… Read More
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