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Financial and Property Issues

Make Sure You Receive Retirement Benefits from Your Former Spouse

Incident to divorce or separate maintenance (legal separation in some states), it is possible to divide retirement benefits that one spouse earned as an employment benefit or saved in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)or other retirement savings,… Read More
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Retirement Plans Thrown Into Disarray by a Divorce (New York Times)

FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES, June 27, 2014: AFTER enduring a divorce four years ago, Mike Miller’s vision for a golden retirement got an unexpected makeover. Mr. Miller had been married for more than 30 years, and now he was single. His longtime dream… Read More
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Buying a House During or After a Divorce

Not all mortgage companies are created equal. Some are more rigid in their lending requirements which favor having a couple purchase a home, rather than a single or soon-to-be single person. Rather than adding another frustration, consult with your a… Read More
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The Higher the Conflict; the Greater the Attorney Fees

It is common to feel a lot of anger towards your spouse/ex-spouse/partner as the relationship breaks up.  It is hoped that as you can visualize your future without that person as a more positive situation, that the anger will dissipate.  Many lawye… Read More
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Gray Divorce

When older people divorce, they often remember that there were good times in their past, which may include raising their children and watching them raise children. Older adults are often less angry. Based on their life experiences, they know that cha… Read More
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What Financial Professionals Add to Divorce Resolution

In a Collaborative Practice case, we often add a financial professional, usually a certified public accountant, to the team. Why? Because they add essential information to the agreement to help make it sustainable. Information that a FP can provide i… Read More
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Ways to Save Money on Attorney Fees

Many of you may be asking why an attorney is advising you on how to save money using that attorney’s services? Seems counter intuitive, right? Wrong. Good attorneys want to help people and provide quality services. They want to concentrate on p… Read More
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Dividing Property During Fluctuating Market

Clients often complain that trying to pin down a property settlement when the market is fluctuating wildly, as it has recently, is impossible.  You are working with constantly changing balances.  This has been especially frustrating when the market… Read More
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Collaborative Practice Allows Business Owners to Keep their Businesses After Divorce

The family owned business is often the most valuable asset in a marriage. Most people have watched in horror as a family business is destroyed by the acrimony of a contentious divorce When couples divorce and one or both have an interest in a family… Read More
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Some Attorney Fees May be Deductible

At this time of year, taxpayers are particularly interested in tax deductions. If you have been paying for legal advice during your divorce, there may be some compensation in that a portion of those fees may be deductible. Generally, attorney fees pa… Read More
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