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Is it Wise to Add Children to Your Real Estate Titles

 For centuries, people have added their children to the titles of their real estate before their deaths in order to avoid probate and pass their real estate to their children after their deaths.  Does this remain a wise choice? It can be.  It will… Read More
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Already Separated? Do I Need a Divorce

            I have recently conferred with a number of people who have been separated from their spouse for many years, but remained married to them.  They have many and diverse reasons for staying married.  However, they are at a point… Read More
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The effect of bankruptcy on divorce

Money is one of the biggest stressors in a marriage, and some couples come to the process with considerable debt. It’s important to consider whether there are sufficient resources to pay down the debt so that each party can support themselves and t… Read More
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Complete the retirement process right after a divorce

Under Michigan law, retirement plans are part of the equitable distribution of marital assets. But in a recent Michigan case, a former wife’s delay in getting a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) drafted and processed cost her dearly. The w… Read More
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Preventing Credit Damage in Divorce

It is impossible to totally prevent credit damage if your former spouse has access to joint accounts once the divorce is imminent or has begun, unless your spouse is also committed to maintaining BOTH of your good credit. However, there are ways to m… Read More
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Car Titles

Many of my clients own their cars jointly with their spouses. This is a huge liability problem whether you are married or are divorcing. The greatest source of potential liability for you is your car. Why? At what ever weight the vehicle has, when it… Read More
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Disinheriting Your Former Spouse

Many people think that disinheriting a former spouse means writing a new will. It can mean more than that. If you and your spouse have executed powers of attorney and medical durable powers of attorney that name each other, you may want to designate… Read More
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Being a Financially Savvy Single

In a recent article, I described the steps you should take to secure your financial future before your financial your divorce. Now it is time to implement the plan. Hopefully, your attorney has sent you an instruction letter with your final judgment… Read More
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Protecting Your Financial Future

It is important to know that the debt division that you agree upon in your settlement agreement or judgment of divorce is just between the parties. It does not bind your creditors. For example, if you owe $5,000 on a credit card that is in joint name… Read More
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Protecting Inheritances and Gifts that You Receive During Marriage or Bring into the Marriage

Gifts and Inheritances that you bring into the marriage or that you receive during the marriage are considered “separate property” in Michigan, provided that you can identify the assets and their source as being gifts or inheritance to yo… Read More
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