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Estate Planning

Choosing the Right Attorney to do your Estate Planning

This week, I encountered a disheartening case.   An elderly couple scheduled an appointment to review their estate planning documents.  Typically, these cases involve clients who have completed their estate plan years earlier and would like it rev…
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Is it Wise to Add Children to Your Real Estate Titles

 For centuries, people have added their children to the titles of their real estate before their deaths in order to avoid probate and pass their real estate to their children after their deaths.  Does this remain a wise choice? It can be.  It will…

Do I Really Need a Will or a Trust?

            You are not required to have a will or a trust, and there are many people who die without having either one.   However, there is often a hefty price to pay, typically falling on the shoulders of your loved ones, for not having a w…
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