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Choosing the Best Divorce Process

When Your Spouse is Being Unreasonable and Won't Settle

Family law practitioners have sophisticated tools for helping clients settle their cases.  Most will settle if the couple can start using collaborative practice or facilitative mediation early. There are some cases where one partner is so angry abou… Read More
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Does Fault Behavior Impact a Mediated or Collaborative Practice Case?

Many people know at the beginning of their divorce that they do not wish to resort to judicial decision-making or litigation.  The want to use mediation or collaborative practice to resolve their family disputes.  In such cases, does fault still ma… Read More
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Do We Each Really Need a Lawyer to Divorce?

Ethically, a lawyer can only represent the interests of one client in a divorce. Even when husband and wife reach agreement on a settlement, they each have different interests. Example: Wife wants to keep the house that has an equity value of $100,00… Read More
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Deadlines, Deadlines

Many clients are aware that there exist statutory waiting periods from the time a complaint for divorce is filed until it may be granted by the court.  Under Michigan law, two important waiting periods apply.  Essentially, there is a certain minimu… Read More
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Mediation and Collaborative Divorce: Good for Celebrities and Good for the Budget

Because mediation and collaborative practice typically are far more affordable processes for handling divorce, they often are mistaken for “budget” options.   Yes:  almost always mediation and collaborative will save money for a divor… Read More
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Celebrity Divorces

When celebrities divorce, it seems that our media crazed society feels that it has the need to know all the details.  Celebrities and their professional assistants, such as lawyers, have to work particularly hard to provide the celebrity, the spous… Read More
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Suggestions for how to generate options, create effective proposals, and give valuable feedback to the other side in a negotiation or mediation Most people new to divorce have no idea how to frame statements or create options without reacting judgmen… Read More
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