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Choosing the Best Divorce Process

What Do Lawyers Do When They Divorce?

When lawyers divorce, most try to stay out of court. Even though they may have an advantage over their non-lawyer spouse, they try everything to settle the case before the judge is placed in the position of having to make decisions for them and their… Read More
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Is Cheaper Better?

Divorce is a very expensive proposition. We are splitting up one household into two. The costs of running the two households is going to be higher than running one household. Do you want to spend more money on a lawyer; or less? The answer is intuiti… Read More
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Conscious Uncoupling – New Way to Divorce or Is It?

Actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, recently made news by announcing that she and her husband, Chris Martin, will be divorcing in a humane way called “conscious uncoupling.” This is actually one of the methods by which couples can respectfully develop ways… Read More
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Is It Easier to Break-Up a Relationship if You are Not Married?

A recent study found that 48% of newborn babies are delivered by unmarried women.  This and other studies shows that increasingly people are choosing to form intimate partnerships without benefit of marriage.  It is difficult to know what their mot… Read More
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Is there a good time to divorce?

In order to avoid having a more difficult, hostile divorce, it is useful to pay attention to timing. For example, filing just before an important event, like your spouse’s birthday, or your wedding anniversary, will inflame the situation.   S… Read More
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If Tom and Katie Can Divorce is Relative Privacy, So Can You

The stories regarding Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce have died down. In the intervening months, they have demonstrated that their private, reasoned divorce can establish a new family relationship and they can both care for their daughter.… Read More
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Settling Your Divorce in Court is NOT Necessary

Particularly if you have children, there are tremendous benefits from maintaining a civil relationship with your spouse. Even couples who do not have children may need to work together in the future. In Michigan, starting a divorce requires the word,… Read More
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The Hard Talk - Telling Your Spouse the Marriage is Over

How to do it? Have the courage to sit down and talk with your spouse/partner what you are thinking and why. GIve them the courtesy of a face-to-face talk. Yes, there will likely be tears. Yes, it will be uncomfortable for both of you. Still you owe t… Read More
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Early Stage Mediation Works Better

Anyone filing a domestic case in Washtenaw County has a 75% chance of receiving an order to mediate when the Clerk of the Court returns the summons.  As we know, Judge O’Brien and Judge Wheeler both require mediation unless the parties have reache… Read More
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How Do Divorce Lawyers Handle Their Own Divorces?

How do divorce lawyers handle their own divorces?  They try to do everything they can to stay away from court. Why?  They know that going to court is a losing proposition.  It wastes money, time, energy and future good-will.  They know that dwell… Read More
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