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Choosing the Best Divorce Process

Collaborative law book

The Collaborative Divorce Process

It’s time to end your marriage. You both agree on that. Still, the idea of putting your life — and your marital assets — in a judge’s hands, in a public forum is troubling. You and your partner both wish you had more control over the… Read More
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Couple's Hand With Divorce Agreement And Wedding Rings

What Are the Benefits of Legal Separation V. Divorce

Even though your marriage has broken down, you may not be ready to file for divorce. You may have heard of a “legal separation” and wonder if it is a good half-way point for you and your spouse. Find out what a legal separation is, and what the b… Read More
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Mediator talking with a couple in a counseling session

Mediation for Family Law Matters - An Alternative Way Forward

Ending a marriage or relationship where there are minor children is never easy, but it isn’t always full of conflict, the way it seems on television. If the idea of spending the next 6 months to a year fighting over your divorce or custody case in… Read More
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Contemplating Divorce

Adultery in Michigan: How it Affects the Outcome of a Divorce Settlement

Learning that your husband or wife has had an affair is often the beginning of the end of a marriage. Whether you rush to the family law attorney’s office right away or try to work through your issues with a counselor first, adultery is often a poi… Read More
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The Michigan Divorce Process: What You Need to Know

It is easy to get caught up and intimidated by the prospect of going through a divorce. Beyond even the emotional considerations, fears of the divorce process itself can deter you or make you delay choosing that path. After all, family law does not h… Read More
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What Do Lawyers Do When They Divorce?

When lawyers divorce, most try to stay out of court. Even though they may have an advantage over their non-lawyer spouse, they try everything to settle the case before the judge is placed in the position of having to make decisions for them and their… Read More
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Is Cheaper Better?

Divorce is a very expensive proposition. We are splitting up one household into two. The costs of running the two households is going to be higher than running one household. Do you want to spend more money on a lawyer; or less? The answer is intuiti… Read More
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Conscious Uncoupling – New Way to Divorce or Is It?

Actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, recently made news by announcing that she and her husband, Chris Martin, will be divorcing in a humane way called “conscious uncoupling.” This is actually one of the methods by which couples can respectfully develop ways… Read More
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Is It Easier to Break-Up a Relationship if You are Not Married?

A recent study found that 48% of newborn babies are delivered by unmarried women.  This and other studies shows that increasingly people are choosing to form intimate partnerships without benefit of marriage.  It is difficult to know what their mot… Read More
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Is there a good time to divorce?

In order to avoid having a more difficult, hostile divorce, it is useful to pay attention to timing. For example, filing just before an important event, like your spouse’s birthday, or your wedding anniversary, will inflame the situation.   S… Read More
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