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Caring for Yourself During and After Divorce

Need to be in Control? Treat your Spouse/Partner Extremely Well

Frequently, I meet clients who MUST be in control of their work environment and their home.  They find divorce extremely distressing because they lose a good measure of control during this process. Once your spouse indicates that he/she cannot stay… Read More
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Thinking of Doing Your Divorce Yourself? What Can Go Wrong?

It is enticing to think that you could save the money of paying lawyers to represent you in the divorce. Unfortunately, lawyers also have the reputation of stirring things up, so let’s keep it amicable and keep the lawyers out of it. What can g… Read More
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You Got Through Tough Holidays Now What?

Marriages or relationships that are in trouble often show the stress between the spouses/partners more during the holidays. The expectation is that the family will be a happy unit. When that expectation is not met, people become more aware of their p… Read More
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Planning New Traditions for the Holidays

Holidays can be particularly difficult for people who are separated or divorced and for their children.  Memories of past holidays will including having moms and dads together, perhaps with their extended families. That may not be possible after the… Read More
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What is Your Post-Divorce Vision?

For people who decide to divorce, they start the process with a vision for a better life.  Early in the process, it is a good idea to state your vision.  Where will you live?  Describe your relationship with your children.  Most important, what w… Read More
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Feel Like You are Flying in a Cloud?

For some people, going through a divorce is like flying in a cloud.  You can’t see anything.  It’s frightening, especially when you realize you are the pilot of this craft.  What to do? Get good advice.  Divorce is a very difficult em… Read More
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Telling Your Parents that You are Divorcing

You have made the decision to divorce.  You have told your spouse. You have told your children.  You have told your close friends and siblings. Now, you need to tell your parents. It may be even more difficult if your spouse has decided to divorce… Read More
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Dealing With Your Anxiety

Getting a divorced is very anxiety provoking.  There is usually uncertainty about the future.  In addition, there is lots of fear.  For example; Fear of financial hardship. Fear of being shamed in front of your community, Fear of losing contact w… Read More
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That New Partner...

One therapist who frequently writes for divorce attorneys and people who are divorcing, theorized that 75% of people who seek a divorce are having affairs with other people.  In my experience, that is an astonishingly high number and does not compor… Read More
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Stopping the Pain of the Divorce

Even for the person who stated the divorce, there is a lot of pain involved in completing the process.  For the person who did not want the divorce, the pain is intense.  Why?  The person who started the divorce has already gone through the grievi… Read More
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