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Caring for Yourself During and After Divorce

Fantasy vs. reality in a divorce

I recently tried a case where both parents, prominent members of the community, wanted to portray their family to the public as the “All American Family.” They wanted people to believe that as a couple, they loved and respected each other and tha… Read More
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Feel like the victim in a divorce?

When your spouse or significant other initiates the divorce or separation—and you want to stay married—a great many emotions wash over you: fear, anger, and helplessness. You may also feel humiliation, guilt and shame at being left. It’s easy… Read More
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It's a Scary Time

It’s almost Halloween; a time when children and adults face their fears.  For those going through divorce, it can feel like Halloween all year long.  It’s a time to be scared.  The difference is we don’t have the benefit of great… Read More
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Financial Considerations in a Divorce

Lately, a number of potential clients have come in to explore getting a divorce.  Some were employed outside the home; some not.  Some had high income wage-earning spouses.  Some had well-paying job themselves.  The common thread was that they ha… Read More
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Just Take Care of My Divorce and Call me When it's Over

Occasionally, there are very busy people who are used to focusing on what they do best (often having to do with work) and delegating or paying others to do the work they do not wish to do themselves.  This includes taking care of family matters. Not… Read More
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Do Professionals Have to Make Divorce so Complicated?

Some clients complain that professionals, such as lawyers, make divorce unnecessarily complicated.  The client is really saying there are so many facets to this divorce that I feel overwhelmed.  I want to keep this simple. The truth is, as many of… Read More
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Getting Past Anger

Most divorces start when one spouse decides that the marriage is no longer meeting his or her needs.  The initiating spouse has often spent months, perhaps years pulling away from the relationship and considering his or her options.  Often the rema… Read More
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Creating New Traditions

There are a number of lesser holidays and some major ones in the late winter and spring; St. Patrick’s Day, April Fools Day, Easter, Memorial Day. Seems we are always ready to celebrate something. For days that have family significance for you,… Read More
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Forgiveness in Divorce

Is it necessary to forgive as part of the divorce? When this question is posed, most often, the client thinks that we are talking about forgiving the other spouse. What we are talking about is really a two part process. Forgiving Yourself. Many clien… Read More
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My Anxiety is Driving My Lawyer and Me Crazy

Divorce or splitting up a partnership is extremely stressful. In many people it raises fears that have been dormant since childhood; rejection, fear of failure, disappointing others, social ostracism. Many of us haven’t dealt with these issues.… Read More
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