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Choosing a Divorce Process: Introduction

Choosing a Divorce Process: Introduction

Thinking about starting a divorce can be intimidating and overwhelming. Beyond the emotional and financial considerations, fears of the divorce process itself can deter or delay a person from moving forward with divorce. Media portrayals of public courtroom battles with ruthless attorneys arguing over children and property paint a picture of a negative and destructive process. However, available dispute resolution processes in modern-day family law have evolved. There are an increasing number of attorneys who understand the need for a less destructive approach to resolve a family law case. We founded our firm on those very principles – to bring forward-thinking family law to our communities. We educate our clients with all available options to settle their divorce or family law matter.

Divorce options available to clients range from the least contentious and least expensive, to the most expensive and most litigious, as the spectrum below shows:

Party Negotiated  ------> Facilitative Mediation-----> Collaborative Law -----> Attorney Negotiated -----> Trial

To determine what option is best for you and your family, you must consider the specific circumstances, facts and needs that shape your case. The first three options on the spectrum focus the decision-making power with the clients. Family law issues are intimate and fact specific, and a judge does not necessarily know what is best for a client or the client’s family.

The last two options involve intervention by the courts for decision-making when the parties are unable to settle matters. There is a possibility of two or more options being implemented to create a hybrid approach to meet the unique needs of the parties involved.

Over the next five blog posts, we will be reviewing the different paths to divorce that are available to parties in Michigan. An experienced family law attorney can walk you through a detailed explanation of the options, and help you create a plan that best fits the needs and priorities of your family. At NSSS&B, we are a full-service family law firm and can help you through any path. To schedule a consultation and learn more about your options call us at (734) 994-3000.