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The Only Constant is Change

We have all learned from the recent economic downturn that someone’s financial position can change in a heartbeat.  This knowledge has added serious stress to our lives.  In some cases, we appreciate our family and the support they can provide more.  In other cases, the family cannot continue in its current configuration and couples divorce.

When a husband or wife is considering divorce, it is important for them to decide early whether they want to spend their family resources battling with their spouse or whether they wish to conserve the resources to find comprehensive problem resolution that will serve their family well now and in the future.

In Michigan, once secure automobile executives have seen their employers downsize.  University professors whose positions are reliant on grant funding can no longer be certain of these awards. Private and public sector executives have lost positions due to inappropriate behavior of subordinates.

For professional athletic coaches or athletes, continued employment or termination is tied to the fortunes of their teams.

When the family must reconfigure in divorce, we have learned to plan for  sudden, often unexpected changes.    This can happen when the husband and wife are willing to work with their respective advisors and exchange financial and personal information to permit the attorneys the advantage of complete information.  The couple, together with their mediator and collaborative professional team can consider all the options and develop a plan that will meet their current needs and establish a plan for the future.

The fortunes of a husband, wife and their children are linked during the marriage and after the divorce.  It is in everyone’s best interest to use the combined talents of husband and wife to effectively utilize the current assets and talents of the couple.  When either husband or wife or both become unemployed or need to change positions, careers or locations, it is best for the family to have a system in place to work through the needed changes, rather than to battle over them.

Change is constant.  Change is usually thrust on us by external forces, such as an employer terminating employment.  Truly successful people are those who can marshal all their resources and adapt to change.  During the divorce process, we have an opportunity to establish the system to effectively bring about change when that is needed.