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Single mother making a schedule with her child

2021 Guide to Michigan Parenting Time

During your divorce or separation most separated families will create a parenting time schedule that controls who will care for the children on what days and times. These plans can be flexible or specific, but they should always reflect your child’… Read More
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elder man signing documents

The Importance of Elder Law Estate Planning

Seniors are living longer, healthier, and happier lives than ever before. Sunset careers and active retirements are becoming the norm. However, whether you are 40 or 80, it is never too early to start thinking about your elder law estate planning. In… Read More
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Family Estate Planning document

Estate Planning for Surrogacy in Michigan

The laws related to surrogacy in Michigan are restrictive and confusing, but families across the state are still working with volunteer surrogates to overcome reproductive difficulties or as gay couples looking to start a family. If you are acting as… Read More
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Male Couple With Daughter

Same Sex Adoption in Michigan

If you are one of the 373,000 LGBTQ+ residents in the state of Michigan, you may have seen a lot of conflicting news about same sex adoption in the state. It might make you worried about what will happen to your children if you and your spouse divorc… Read More
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Collaborative law book

The Collaborative Divorce Process

It’s time to end your marriage. You both agree on that. Still, the idea of putting your life — and your marital assets — in a judge’s hands, in a public forum is troubling. You and your partner both wish you had more control over the… Read More
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Retirement plan

How Does the SECURE Act Affect Retirement Assets?

It’s been just over a year since Congress passed the SECURE Act. The law is designed to make it easier for individuals to save for their retirement. However, it also includes changes that affect retirement assets already in place, and those inherit… Read More
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dad embracing his daughter at home

Joint Custody in Michigan

Just because you and your former spouse or partner aren’t together anymore doesn’t mean they are a bad parent. Many children in separated families enjoy relationships with two healthy parents through some form of joint custody arrangement. Find o… Read More
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Estate Planning documents

Michigan Estate Planning Documents

  It is never too early to start creating your estate plan. Life is uncertain, and you never know when you or your loved ones may be faced with tough choices about your care, well-being, healthcare treatment, or distribution of your assets. Her… Read More
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Woman alone On Christmas

10 Tips for Handling the First Holidays After Divorce

The first year after your divorce is finalized has its own set of ‘firsts’ that can create stress, uncertainty, and hard feelings. This is especially true during the holiday season. Celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays after di… Read More
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Couple visiting a lawyer

Michigan Postnuptial Agreement Guide

The marriage date has passed, you are now a married couple, but trouble is putting stress on your marriage. Concerns over finances, care of the household, or what will happen when you die are putting your marriage at risk. You find yourself wondering… Read More
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