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Mediation Is Not Adversarial

In mediation, the couple hires a trained, impartial person to help them resolve disputes. The mediator acts as a guide, encouraging communication and writing agreements.

Both parties come to understand the issues and develop creative solutions. Most importantly, the parties stay in control of their family decision-making.

Usually, through mediation, parties reach an agreement more quickly and economically. Mediation can work for couples that have decided to divorce as well as for couples that want a separation but are unsure about divorce.


Advantages of mediation

  • Mediation is confidential and private. There is no public disclosure of personal issues or finances.
  • The process promotes communication and cooperation.
  • It allows you to control the decisions that affect your future.
  • It enhances future family relationships by reducing conflict.
  • Mediated divorce agreements are more likely to be followed than court-imposed settlements.
  • Mediation is usually quicker and less expensive than litigation.
  • We encourage people to look to the future, instead of the past.
  • You’ll benefit from having an impartial third party helping you.

Prepared from information by the Family Mediation Council

Our attorneys are all trained mediators.  Any one of our attorneys can act as a mediator in your case.  In cases where you prefer to have one of our attorneys act as your representative, we can use our knowledge and experience of mediation to facilitate the process and assist you in reaching and effective resolution.

Our Family Mediation & Collaborative Practice Center is now operating in Ann Arbor. Click to learn more about the mediation and collaborative divorce services being offered.

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"[You reminded me] that the children are the most important thing to consider when working through the divorce and for the future. I felt you represent [...] " Anonymous

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