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Collaborative Practice Resolves Disputes Respectfully

Collaborative Practice uses a team approach to reach a divorce settlement amicably, in a fair, honest, child-friendly way.

In collaborative practice, the couple and their attorneys sign a written agreement not to go to court. A series of meetings is then scheduled with both parties and their attorneys. During these meetings, the couple discusses property, custody, parenting time and other issues. They agree to honest and full disclosure of information, and to remain respectful of each other throughout the process.

As needed, other professionals may attend the meetings, including financial advisors, child specialists, mediators, and accountants. Neutral experts such as appraisers, CPAs, pension specialists and mortgage lenders may also provide valuable information and expertise.

Both parties may have a personal advisor (also called a divorce coach) to help them manage the emotional ups and downs of the divorce process.

If the negotiations break down, or if either party decides to abandon the process or acts in an adversarial way that precludes an amicable settlement, all members of the Collaborative team, including both attorneys, must withdraw from the case.

Senior couple meeting with agent

Advantages of collaborative practice

  • Less stress and animosity
  • Past differences and unproductive behaviors are left behind
  • Both parties feel more in control
  • The dignity of the family is respected
  • The privacy of the family is preserved
  • Parenting decisions put the interests of children first
  • Compliance with the final settlement is usually greater
  • You fashion the agreement that works for your family

Collaborative practice often reduces the time and cost involved in divorce by:

  • Full disclosure of assets rather than a lengthy investigation process
  • Engaging one expert for financial valuations rather than two
  • Encouraging communication and agreement throughout the process

Costs are largely determined by how long it takes the participants to settle, a powerful incentive to negotiate in good faith, with an equitable settlement as the primary goal.

Our Family Mediation & Collaborative Practice Center is now operating in Ann Arbor. Click to learn more about the mediation and collaborative divorce services being offered.

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