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Shot of a senior woman looking unhappy while working behind the counter of a cafe - business owners divorce concept

Divorcing as a Business Owner: What to Know

Owning a business can bring a lot of strain on many parts of your life, including your marriage. If that marriage breaks down, you need to know what divorcing as a business owner means for you, your spouse, and your business. Understanding how the Mi… Read More
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couple in a divorce consultation

How to Prepare for Your Divorce Consultation

The start of a divorce is often a highly emotional time. You may have a lot of anxiety about meeting your lawyer for the first time. Here are some tips about how to prepare for your divorce consultation, and what to bring when you meet your attorney.… Read More
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Collaborative Divorce vs. Mediation

Choosing the right divorce process for you depends on fully understanding your options, and the benefits and limitations to each choice. Comparing Collaborative Divorce vs mediation can be confusing, and neither process is right for every case. Here… Read More
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7 Common Mistakes Made During a Divorce

Divorce is seldom easy. Still, spouses and parents often make certain common mistakes during a divorce that increase conflict between the parties, make the divorce process more expensive, and even hurt their children. Here are several mistakes to avo… Read More
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How to Avoid Divorce Court

Court battles can be expensive and stressful. In the end, hardly anyone gets everything they hoped for from the judge in a divorce. Many couples getting divorced in Michigan today want to do so in a way that is peaceful, and simpler than the divorces… Read More
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lawyer consulting mature middle-aged couple - prepare for divorce concept

How to Prepare for a Divorce

When marriages fail, people often hurry into moving out of the house and filing for divorce. When possible, and assuming it is safe for you to do so, take time to prepare for divorce, both with your spouse and an experienced family law attorney. This… Read More
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cropped shot of a therapist talking to a male patient as he sits on the couch - therapy during divorce concept

Why Therapy During and After Your Divorce Can Be Beneficial

Divorce is one of the most stressful life events you will ever experience along with death of a loved one, moving, and changing jobs. Receiving therapy during your divorce can be beneficial, cost effective, and help you process your emotions so you c… Read More
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Geometric illustration of multi coloured human figures - diversity in law firm concept

Why Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Should be Important to Clients Choosing a Law Firm

Many people, when they are considering a divorce, have opinions about the race, gender, and ethnicity of the attorney standing beside them in court. Unfortunately, often those opinions are based on stereotypes and assumptions. Instead, consider how h… Read More
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How NSSS&B Can Help Control the Cost of Your Divorce

No one wants to spend excessive amounts of money on their divorce. Even when conflict is high, the goal should be to come to a fair outcome as quickly and efficiently as possible. At NSSS&B, we understand that you have other uses for your money,… Read More
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Harnessing the Power of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Family Law: Back to the Basics

Here in Washtenaw County, our family law attorneys are no strangers to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and resolving matters outside of court proceedings. The spirit of encouraging clients to work out disputes within mediation, collaborative div… Read More
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