Celebrity Divorces

When celebrities divorce, it seems that our media crazed society feels that it has the need to know all the details. Celebrities and their professional assistants, such as lawyers, have to work particularly hard to provide the celebrity, the spouse and their children the privacy to work through their marital problems.

For the spouse, it may be enticing to get revenge by exploiting the celebrity's status and try to win supporters for the spouse's position. However, the reason for the celebrity's success and the family's financial strength is the following and respect that celebrity has. Any news that undermines the celebrity can negatively impact that person's success and future financial security. It is in the spouse's best interest to keep the divorce matters private for the spouse and the children's future financial security.

How is privacy achieved? The best way is to keep the decision-making in the case out of the court. Divorce courts are open forums, meaning that anyone can sit in a court room and observe the proceedings. When a couple asks a judge to make decisions for their family, that event is available for reporting.

Where can such decisions be made? The best place is the privacy of counsel's conference room. Using such sophisticated alternative dispute resolutions tools as mediation or collaborative practice, husband and wife, working with their respective advisors and attorneys can work through all the issues that impact their family.

Often celebrities have complex scheduling issues that will make scheduling parenting time difficult. For example, the executive may have to travel frequently. The university professor may have a heavy consulting schedule. The professional coach or athlete may spend weeks away from home. In order to work out schedules that meet the needs of the children and the celebrity parent, the collaborative team should include a psychologist who can help the parents.

Some celebrities, such as professional coaches or athletes, may enjoy tremendous financial success that is time limited. This makes calculating child and spousal support more challenging.

Due to their financial success, celebrities need help from experienced counsel to value and separate their assets and debts. A team consisting of appraisers, valuation experts and accountants can help the couple reach a property settlement that meets both their needs.

Using mediation and/or collaborative practice, husband, wife and their advisors can reach solutions that are carefully tailored to their family's needs. Since the only people who are present during mediation or collaborative session have a confidential relationship to husband and wife, the celebrity's family problems and solutions remain private.

Mediation and collaborative practice also allows them to build a resolution system for future problems, such as the changing needs of their children or an interruption of someone's career.

Due to the heightened interest in celebrity divorces, it is important for celebrities and their advisors to be aware that comprehensive, professional, private services are available.