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What Happens to the House in a Divorce?

Every divorce involves dividing one household into two, but what happens to the building itself? Unlike other marital assets, you can’t just give each spouse half of a house. Giving careful thought to how the marital home and other real estate shou… Read More
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Steps to Take After a Divorce is Final

The divorce process can sometimes feel long and emotionally difficult, making it tempting to move on and forget about it after the final divorce decree is entered. But before you finish this chapter of your life, there are some steps you will later t… Read More
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Whom Do I Need to Inform…

Whom Do I Need to Inform After Divorce?

After your Judgment of Divorce is signed, you may want to put the process behind you and move forward with the next chapter of your life. However, before you do, there are certain people, organizations, and government agencies you will need to inform… Read More
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Financially Preparing for…

Financially Preparing for a Gray Divorce

Gray divorces happen after decades of marriage, raising children together, and working together to maintain a household. Untangling income, assets, and insurance issues in a long-term marriage can be especially difficult. Here are some things to cons… Read More
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10 Tips for Handling the…

10 Tips for Handling the First Holidays After Divorce

The first year after your divorce is finalized has its own set of ‘firsts’ that can create stress, uncertainty, and hard feelings. This is especially true during the holiday season. Celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays after di… Read More
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Making Needed Adjustments in the Relationship

Recently a client copied me on an email she had sent to her husband asking the husband to stop opening envelopes addressed solely to her, taking checks from the mail payable to her, endorsing them and depositing them in their account. Their divorce h… Read More
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Fantasy vs. reality in a divorce

I recently tried a case where both parents, prominent members of the community, wanted to portray their family to the public as the “All American Family.” They wanted people to believe that as a couple, they loved and respected each other and tha… Read More
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Feel like the victim in a divorce?

When your spouse or significant other initiates the divorce or separation—and you want to stay married—a great many emotions wash over you: fear, anger, and helplessness. You may also feel humiliation, guilt and shame at being left. It’s easy t… Read More
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It's a Scary Time

It’s almost Halloween; a time when children and adults face their fears. For those going through divorce, it can feel like Halloween all year long. It’s a time to be scared. The difference is we don’t have the benefit of great costu… Read More
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Financial Considerations in a Divorce

Lately, a number of potential clients have come in to explore getting a divorce. Some were employed outside the home; some not. Some had high income wage-earning spouses. Some had well-paying job themselves. The common thread was that they had not co… Read More
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