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close up of someone holding cards with a large amount of chips in front of them - divorcing a gambling addict concept

Divorcing a Gambling Addict: What You Should Know

Recent changes in Michigan’s gambling laws have made it even easier for those with gambling addictions to lose money on bad bets through online gambling and mobile gambling apps. The financial crisis created when a gambling addiction spins out of c… Read More
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Little boy covering ears while parents fight in background - domestic violence and child custody concept

Domestic Violence and Child Custody Cases

Leaving an abusive relationship is hard. Managing ongoing contacts with an abusive former partner with whom you share a child can be even harder. Understanding the interplay between domestic violence and child custody cases can help, giving you and y… Read More
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3D rendering of money and a smart phone - Venmo and Divorce Concept

The New Role Venmo and Other Cash-Sharing Apps are Playing in Divorce

Do you know how much money your spouse has sitting in their Venmo or other cash-sharing apps? For many, Cash App and PayPal offer a convenient way to make small, everyday payments. But divorce attorneys are starting to see Venmo in a different light.… Read More
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woman removing her wedding ring

Adultery in Michigan: How it Affects the Outcome of a Divorce Settlement

Learning that your husband or wife has had an affair is often the beginning of the end of a marriage. Whether you rush to the family law attorney’s office right away or try to work through your issues with a counselor first, adultery is often a poi… Read More
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close up of gavel with judge in background

Top 10 Things That Make You Lose Credibility in Family Court

Your divorce or custody hearing is coming up. You and your lawyer have reviewed the facts, written the motion or complaint, and prepared for trial. Now it is time to go before the judge. How can you make a good impression? Here are 10 things to avoid… Read More
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Dealing with Your Spouse's Rage During Divorce

Whether the angry spouse is the one who filed or is being left, in a large proportion of cases, one spouse who may have been largely compliant to your wishes in the past, will resist your requests and become outright hostile. This can be caused by th… Read More
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Getting What You Need: What to do When Your Spouse is Being Unreasonable

Your lawyer has advised you that your spouse’s anger should subside once the divorce gets underway. However, you are now in month 5 of the divorce. You have heard that most cases settle. You have been to mediation twice. Yet your spouse seems t… Read More
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Can You Mediate or Collaborate with a Spouse Who Engages in Illegal or Bad Behavior?

Mediators generally tell you that you can only mediate with someone who can make and keep promises. Collaborative professionals require you to sign a participation agreement where the parties and the professionals agree that they will resolve matters… Read More
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You Have Discovered Your Spouse Has Engaged in Hidden Assets, Tax Fraud or Other Bad Behavior. Now What?

In my last article, I provided some suggestions for determining whether your marital assets have been hidden. One of the reasons people prefer to avoid gaining such knowledge is the next question. Now what do I do? Hiding assets during a court procee… Read More
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Has Your Spouse Hidden Assets?

Are you financially aware of your family’s assets and finances? Do you keep track of your accounts and credit card statements? Does what you spend and save correspond to the income you have coming in? If a divorce is on the horizon for you, the… Read More
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