Avoiding Court

Court battles are expensive, stressful, and in the end, no one gets 100% of what they hoped for.

By pioneering dispute resolution methods such as collaboration and mediation, we’ve earned a reputation for helping couples reach settlements amicably, with less cost and emotional upset. And, while litigation of family matters is rare in today’s courts, if your case requires it, our attorneys will represent you forcefully and with maximum civility.

Dispute resolution covers many ways to settle conflicts

Common to almost all these methods is the participation of a disinterested, neutral third party. The most common dispute resolution methods are:

Mediation. A neutral third party, skilled in identifying areas of agreement and disagreement, helps the parties discuss their differences and reach a mutually satisfactory settlement. Generally the couple works directly with the mediator unless they want their attorneys to attend.

Collaborative Practice. Each party retains their own attorney and signs an agreement that they will reach a settlement without going to court. The couple agrees to honest, full disclosure of information and to remain respectful of each other throughout the process.

Arbitration. A third party (chosen by the parties and their attorneys) hears all sides of a dispute, reviews the evidence, and issues a decision, which is final. Parties agree to arbitration in advance through contract. Attorneys are present for the hearing.

Negotiation. The parties engage in back-and-forth discussions designed to reach an agreement. Generally, the attorneys conduct the negotiations.

Litigation. The parties take their case to court and a judge makes decisions that are legally binding on both parties.

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